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The vision for Earth Walk was initially formulated in the spring of 2011, launching it’s first international global Unity Event on June 21st, 2011.  In the aftermath of an event that gathered the attention of leaders world-wide, in the fields of personal, social, environmental and integral health and wellness, the Global Council for Earth Walk was formed, and the vision expanded.

The original 3 components – Earth Labyrinth, Unity Events & Soul Walk – expanded into 6 components – including a Holistic Marketplace, the Compass Project & the Earth Keepers Society.  Earth Walk set to launch it’s global platform, on Earth Day 2012, to share this vision with the world and to invite people into a global movement focused on uniting humanity, through the common process of igniting peoples’ passions, to radically and compassionately transform the world.  While that did not happen, due to many contributing factors, the vision continued and the Global Council postponed the global launch.  We had hit a “learning opportunity”. In the process of things falling apart, something VERY magical happened – the concept of the Soul Walk expanded to “fit” the platform in a way that taught sustainability and balance.  This was OUR big lesson – sustainability!  How do we launch a Global Platform, with reach as far as we have imagined, and scope as great, in a way that matches the concepts we are trying to teach.  So, we shifted our time scale, added another component to account for the change – the Earth Trainings (now known as Earth Walk University) – and continued to plan for our global launch.

For four months we processed all that had happened and created a structure that would be able to support and maintain the vision we created – it was a rather powerful process.   When we came out of this process, we decided to start launching the platform in increments, as the vision had grown immensely since its initial inception.  Moreover, we came to believe that this new system – the way the Soul Walk portion of Earth Walk evolved – had not only modeled our answer to the problems we faced as an organization, but felt that it mirrored and reflected some of the problems we believe our world faces, around providing care for the world in a way that is self-sustaining and in-joy-able! And, through this evolution, the Soul Walk became the fulcrum for the organization and global mission. The current version of the Soul Walk, works to teach people and their organizing bodies how to walk the Earth with care, in alignment with the natural seasons and cycles of life. In its initial format, the Soul Walk functioned in a way that activated people’s soul purpose. In its evolution, the Soul Walk functioned in a way that taught people how to not only ignite their passions, but to align their purpose on the planet with the natural seasons and cycles of life, as well – a MUCH MORE sustainable approach to igniting passions!

At that point we started gearing up for a global launch in December of 2012. Our plan was to launch the first ever Soul Walk for the Northern Hemisphere. Unfortunately, however, our Founder’s sister’s journey with cancer progressed to the point, where he asked the Global Council if we could postpone the global launch, yet again, so he could spend time with his sister. Our founder ended up taking a 6 month sabbatical – dedicating it to spending time with his sister, supporting her in her medical, healing and nutritional journey through cancer, etc. – which ended up being the last 5 months of her life.

During that time, the organization focused on how to spread the mission and vision of Earth Walk on a grounded, local, and practical level. One of the major expressions of this was the development of the Green Program – a component of one of the main branches of Earth Walk, the Earth Labyrinth – spending a good portion of 2012, 2013, and 2014 planting trees in parks, schools and neighborhoods throughout two of the states within the United States – Arizona and California. To date, we have planted over 700 trees, in approximately 40 city and county parks, as well as many public schools, religious institutions and neighborhoods.

In the fall of 2015, we decided to reassemble the forces toward a global launch.

During that time, however, of focusing more locally, the global mission and vision had the opportunity to go through some additional metamorphosis. As we began to stir the pot, of the conversation for a global launch, we started asking the questions, yet again, is anything missing from our current model of 7 main components? Within the process of inquiry, and the rebuilding of our Global Council, to handle the size and scope of what we were preparing for, 5 new main components were added to what we now call our Core Components of Earth Walk. These additional components are shared below, in what is now the full spectrum of Earth Walk.

Stay tuned as we build this site, to account for all 12 components toward “uniting humanity within a diverse global culture of peace:

1) Compass Project

2) Soul Walk

3) Unity Moments (aka. Unity Events)

4) Earth Walk University

5) Holistic Market Place

6) Sacred Pilgrimages

7) Earth Labyrinth

8) Earth Keepers Society

9) Earth Walk Media

10) Integrative Centers & Infrastructure

11) Integrative Economics

12) World-Wide Wellness Web

Together, while igniting our souls’ purpose on this planet, and aligning it to a co-creative process with the Earth, and all it’s creatures, we can radically and holistically transform the Earth, into a world come alive.

Join us!

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