Earth Walk TV – Founding Partner

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses and organizations today, is the lack of exposure to their unique market.

The Earth Walk TV Founding Partner opportunity is being offered to help increase your reach into Earth Walk’s global audience.


This gets you more global visibility.

The All New



“EARTH HEROES: Unlocking the Hero’s Journey Begins With You



Packed with amazing informative and life transforming segments

Broadcasting to a global audience of people who are seeking to make positive changes in their lives and on the planet.


Show content will include:

–>  Interviews with Founder, Tzadik Rosenberg-Greenberg, exploring the integration of Earth Walk’s 12 core components and its’ hub

–>  In-depth interviews with expert contributors like, Barbara Marx Hubbard, CEO of the Foundation for Conscious

–>  Evolution on the subject of the 12 Sectors of Humanity

–>  Series of interviews with 333 Luminary Leaders and conversations about how they are helping create in this global movement towards peace

–>  Sponsor Interviews that inform and enlighten

–>  Informational Commercial Ads

–>  Program Training Segments 

–>  Experiential Exercises … and more


Imagine your business or organization having a commercial being viewed by Earth Walk’s global audience.

Imagine yourself being interviewed about how you are walking the earth and helping to make lives better.

Imagine your ideal audience finding you because of being seen on Earth Walk TV. 

If you can imagine yourself on Earth Walk TV.

We want to help you make it happen.

Get your interview, commercial or sponsorship spot.

You could even become an EW TV interviewer, reporter, videographer, trainer, or coach contributor.

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We are excited about what this means for you and Earth Walk TV.

We look forward to a lasting, loving, difference-making, prosperous partnership.

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