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Earth Walk is growing a global tribe of individuals who would like to be part of an interactive movement focused on uniting humanity within a diverse, global culture of peace.  As a member of this tribe you will have the opportunity to participate in activities that help bring us to that collective vision. How? This movement initiates the global process by igniting people’s passions as the cornerstone to a vibrant, sustainable, pathway to peace.  If our individual fires are not lit, we will never be able to see the way through to the collective pathway to peace.  Earth Walk membership is the beginning of a lifelong journey.


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So, why Tribe 333?

Earth Walk believes that the cornerstone to a pathway to peace is conscious connection.  The pathway to peace begins by establishing and then maintaining conscious connection with ourselves, with each other, with the planet, and then the integration of all three.  Tribe 333 represents that philosophy.  It is a constant reminder that our mission to unite humanity within a diverse, global culture of peace, can only be accomplished by regularly tending to 3 primary relationships – to the self, to the communities we are a part of, and to the environments we live in – and the interweaving of the 3.  Help us create a global tribe of conscious individuals dedicated toward this end.

This membership is a  major step towards accomplishing that goal.


“Earth Member” Membership Benefits:


Member Newsletter gives you new information about this growing movement, acknowledgement of movers and shakers in Earth Walk, and Community events.

  • Be recognized as a supporter as we thank you on our Facebook Page
  • Private Facebook Group lets you connect to like-minded others
  • Be first in line by early access to  Earth Walk Events, products, and special offers.


  • Be a part of  building a global network and platform, focused on uniting humanity within a diverse, global culture of peace.  Receive the benefits of knowing you are helping to create a better world!


  • Founding Member Benefits – As we grow, additional benefits will be given to our Founding Members.  That means you!  Join now and receive special benefits as we grow.



Membership price will increase over time, and so will benefits. If you sign up now, as a Founding Member, you’ll be locked into this incredible rate, forever.



Membership Payment Plans:


Monthly: $3.33 / month*

Annually: $33.33 / year (2 months free)*

Decade: $333.33 / 10 years (almost 2 years free)


* Monthly and Annual memberships are paid on an automatic payment cycle.  Membership is cancellable at any time.

All paid membership fees are considered non-refundable.  Transaction fees may apply.




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Thank you for choosing to be a part of this global network and vision.

Together, we rise.

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