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A Month-Long Campaign to Benefit Ben’s Bells, TreeHouse Farm, and the Tucson Community

Some people run a marathon, or ride a bike in a race, throw a ball across a court or field, or some other form of sport to test their agility, strength and skills. In a time where our cities and planet needs us to learn some new skills to live in greater harmony with the Earth and all its creatures, we – Tucson Young Professionals, TreeHouse Farm, Ben’s Bells & Planet Coexist – decided to create some games, to play on a city-scale, that would teach us how to walk the Earth with better care, for a more alive, beautiful and peaceful city and planet. The first game involves trees.

In efforts to raise funds for TYP’s portion of a 900ft. long mural, being gifted to the City of Tucson by Ben’s Bells, along the new Luis G. Gutierrez Bridge, on Cushing Street, TYP has formed a creative partnership with Planet Coexist and TreeHouse Farm to plant trees and create a fun city-wide challenge, involving businesses, neighborhoods, Wards and individuals. Sponsored trees will directly benefit public areas in Southern Arizona – schools, non-profit centers, parks, community gardens, low-income neighborhoods and more. Beginning January 14th, 2013 and lasting through February 14th, 2013 – Tucson-area businesses are encouraged to participate in some friendly competition to see which organization will donate the most trees. Wards, Neighborhoods, and individuals will also be competing against each other, to create fair, healthy, and fun competition on all levels.

Each tree can be sponsored for $35; $8 of which will support TYP’s portion of the Ben’s Bells mural, with remaining funds from each tax-deductible donation used to purchase and plant the tree itself. After the cost for TYP’s portion of the mural is covered, non-profits will be selected for benefit, starting with Ben’s Bells. Trees can be sponsored in honor or memory of a loved one – for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, healing, or no reason at all. We also encourage people to name the trees, as well – the purpose of the program is to foster connection, to our loved ones, our community, and our world.

With a goal of sponsoring 3,000 trees, the city-wide project will be a beautification and life-enhancing venture on multiple levels – from the conscious donation, to team-building within the work-place, to the planting of the trees as a community, which all sponsors and supporters will be invited to take part in, to the honoring of all the businesses and individuals who took the time to make a difference in the community and world.

With phenomenal support from the Mayor’s Office and other City Officials, TYP is proud to offer multiple incentives for supporting businesses. All donations will be recognized via social media, live awards event(s), and other avenues. Top sponsors, per Ward and City-Wide, will receive gifts and recognition, including the Top Tree Sponsor winning a private lunch with the Mayor, plus a Corporate Retreat courtesy of TreeHouse Farm. Top Tree Sponsors within each Ward will win other prizes plus a private lunch with their Ward Council Member.

After all the local Tucson trees are planted, a special field trip will be made to TreeHouse Farm (one of the partnering organizations for the Tree Challenge) – a 25-acre ecotherapy-based non-profit organization in Elgin, AZ, – to honor all the participants of the challenge, do a special tree-planting ceremony for all the participants in the Challenge as one whole group, and to enjoy the fruits of our labor by enjoying wine-country, together, as a community.

VISIT www.EarthWalkUnited.Org/TYPTrees.

sun Earth Walk is a global platform uniting humanity, focused on igniting peoples’ passions, within a system of sustainability, to compassionately and holistically transform the Earth. Earth Walk is working to connect individuals, businesses, and organizations to work together to build a better community. Earth Walk does this by organizing events, cooperative competitions, and inventive fund raising strategies.
typp Tucson Young Professionals Incorporated is a quality group of diverse young professionals working together to showcase Tucson as a place for growth and prosperity. The TYP Philanthropy Board – which is taking the lead on this project – has the mission of connecting charities to their community through projects and events –
planet_coexist The mission of Planet Coexist, a presenting sponsor, is to create events, systems, programs, partnerships & fellowships, focused on the four levels of Integrative Planetary Wellness – personal, social, environmental and integral health & wellness – to create effective and long-lasting holistic wellness worldwide.
bensbells The mission of Ben’s Bells (a 501(c)3 organization) is to inspire, educate and motivate each other to realize the impact of intentional kindness and to empower individuals to act according to that awareness, thereby strengthening our selves, and our relationships and our communities.
Visit for more information.
THF_shadow_logo TreeHouse Farm is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization located in Elgin, AZ. The 23 acre retreat location was created to support ecotherapy in children, families, veterans, and corporations. Utilizing equine assisted learning and healing, TreeHouse Farm brings individuals “back to their roots” through healthy eating, environmental education, mindfulness, kindness, and connection with the earth, animals, and one another. Trees donated to TreeHouse Farm will be enjoyed by children and adults alike, through integrative environmental sustainability and stewardship projects and education. For more information, visit

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