What Is Earth Walk?

“Don’t ask what the world needs.  Ask what brings you alive and go do it. Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive.”

This idea by Howard Thurman is extremely important. While the end goal of the Earth Walk platform is, in fact, to unite humanity within a diverse global culture of peace, which includes peace amongst nations, peace amongst religions, peace amongst the genders, peace with our planet, and so on; this vision begins with our platform inviting people into the powerful and potent process of igniting people’s passions, as the cornerstone toward a pathway to peace.

As we create a culture of individuals, groups and businesses taking the time to figure out what brings them most alive, while encouraging them to go and do that, within a holistic framework, the larger mission of uniting humanity within a diverse global culture of peace become that much more plausible and probable. It is the foundation, or the cornerstone if you will. If we do not take the time to light our individual and collective torches, we will never find the way down the interactive and interconnected pathway to peace. We would be lost in a darkness. We believe, wholeheartedly, that our inner light, the passion, and purpose that we hold, is the light that shines brightly, for us to stay powerfully and consciously on our way.

With that metaphor in mind, we have developed a way of describing how the thirteen main components of Earth Walk fit together, utilizing the popular framework that Joseph Campbell discusses in his world-renowned work, which covers many aspects of the human experience.  Joseph Campbell was a United States mythologist, writer and lecturer, best known for his work in comparative mythology.

The piece of this work that is most applicable here, is what he called “the hero’s journey”.  In short, the hero’s journey is a journey we must all take, to get to the core of who we are, why we are here and how we want to dedicate our lives in service to the whole.  This hero’s journey is often characterized by the process of undergoing a series of trials, or rites of passage, that take us from childhood to adulthood; from innocence and not knowing our life’s purpose, to a mature way of walking through the world, infused with meaning and purpose.  

This process allows us to walk the Earth at peace with ourselves, and therefore, better able to create a global culture of peace.  It is through the lens of this concept that we will describe how the 13 main components work together.  With this in mind, Earth Walk, from a mythological perspective, is a global rites of passage platform, focused on supporting individuals, groups and the business entities we create, in their hero or heroine’s journey, as a means to walk the Earth with love and care.  And, similar to the Howard Thurman quote above, Campbell’s philosophy is often summarized by his phrase, “Follow your bliss.”  A notion present throughout our entire platform.


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