The idea for Humanity Media came out of a non-profit organization called Harmonic Humanity which is dedicated to uplifting the lives of less fortunate individuals nationwide through the distribution of compilation CDs.  This revolutionary concept was first envisioned by AJ Lovewins, a photographer, videographer, and visionary who had experienced homelessness and was able through his own strength to bring himself out of it.  He saw a vision of artists, musicians, and filmmakers collaborating to help people in less fortunate situations.  After producing a few compilation CDs, the group decided to pool their skills and create a production company dedicated to helping visionary businesses, non-profit organizations, and philanthropic individuals to realize their dreams in today’s technologically advanced world.  After years of acquiring skills in video production, music production, visual arts, graphic arts, web design, and marketing, we realized that we had become a powerful entity with the capability of helping people achieve their dreams.

After opening the doors with this intention, we have experienced a consistent stream of clientele that all share a similar intention, to help people with their products, services, and vision.

Music and Film are a way to connect all of those experiences and visions into one package.  We provide our clients with many services.


  • Video Photography, Editing, Designing, and Production
  • Photography Complete With a Full Photography Studio
  • Music Production Consultation
  • CD Cover Design and Printing
  • We will connect you with Mastering, Mixing, and Studio Recording Facilities to get your project completed.
  • Websites to showcase your music, video, or product
Although we may not handle all aspects of the production in-house, we have many relationships with production facilities in the industry. We will connect you with everything that is necessary to get your project finished and will help you through all the steps towards completion.
Call us for a free consultation and price quote.
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