#3LOVE8 - The Global Revolution of Peace & Love RISES!!!

11nov(nov 11)11:11 am13(nov 13)6:55 pm#3LOVE8 - The Global Revolution of Peace & Love RISES!!!

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It is time for the PHOENIX to RISE!!!!

The masses have been asleep, and kept that way, for far too long, by the abundance of ways in which we drug ourselves out, in this society, and enslave ourselves to systems of control and dominance.
It is time to wake up, collectively, and find our way out of all these broken shards and ashes!!!!
We have a world to heal, inside and out, and the time has come!!!
So, join us!!!
Elevate with us!
3LOVE8 with us!
3<38 with us!
And help make this world a much more beautiful place!
There are 14 main event sites intentionally set throughout the United States of America, to symbolically represent all 50 States and 16 Territories. They are the United States National Capitol in Washington D.C. and 13 State Capitols spanning the four corners of its vast territory. Beyond those designated locations, we are also inviting people to set up camp at any local, city, state or national place of governance throughout the world. In addition, for those who do not feel called to set up camp at any of the political places of power, we encourage folks to listen to their hearts and go to a place of power for them, and link up to the global revolution from wherever they are. There are infinite possibilities in a Sovereign world. We are just helping to provide the template, so the rest of us can fill in the details.
The host hub event will be at the Arizona State Capitol, in Phoenix, Arizona, and we are encouraging people WORLDWIDE to either:
1) Join us at the Phoenix Rising Camp!! (This will be at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona)
2) Join one of the designated 12 State Capitol events beyond Phoenix. List of sites coming soon!!!
3) Build your own encampment at your political places of power, or other spots to where you feel called, and plug into the global broadcast, or join one that is being built.
4) Join online, from wherever you are, and be a part of the revolution from wherever you choose to tap in!
5) Not everyone wants to be at a big event, or plugged in online. As a global movement envisioning a collective sovereign unified world, we encourage people to listen to their hearts and participate as they feel called. So, feel free to go offline and off grid, and connect with the global event energetically. Go and climb a mountain or camp at a lake, or whatever elevating your life and the life of others looks like for you.
We are creating a GRAND CROSS, as a statement for calling in a State of PEACE (the medicine wheel), across the United States of America, with the following formula:
12 States, Plus 1 Lead (Ignitor):
Outer Edge:
○ Maryland – Eastern State
● Florida – Southeastern State
○ Texas – Southern State
● Hawaii – Southwestern State
○ California – Western State
● Alaska – Northwestern States
○ North Dakota – Northern State
● Maine – Northeastern State
Center Space:
○ Kansas – Center State
● Missouri – Eastern Center
○ Oklahoma – Southern Center
● Colorado – Western Center
○ Nebraska – Northern Center
☆☆ Arizona – Lead State ☆☆
☆(Camp Phoenix Rising)☆
And, then the place to encircle it all:
Washington D.C. – All Space
We will be LOVINGLY storming all 14 of these spaces, while inviting people to lovingly storm as many places of political power, in the same way. This will represent the 13 original colonies and the Union, but we don’t want to stop there!
We want as many Capitols and places of political power to be 3LOVE8ed as a part of these global events!
Earth Walk and friends have been co-producing an event, which officially began 11/1/2021, called The Greatest Show on Earth – The 10 Stages to Freedom – designed to bring the world to the first stages of peace by June 21st, 2030, 11:11 PM, UT, with a Collective Living Covenant intended for all members of the human family to sign, binding us to one another as one human family, united by Love.
It has 9 rounds of 10 cyclical Stages, which build, through events, programs, ceremonies, and more, over a 9 year, plus 3/4ths of a year, period, designed to prepare the world for a whole new way of being – a global culture of peace!
This weekend event is Rotation One, Stage Two (The first year was Rotation None; the first stage is Stage 0), and it is focused on bringing in The Primary Archetypes of Freedom – The Healer, The Warrior, and The Peacetender. Also known as the Red, White and Blue – a design created way before the origin of the United States of America, and then the Purple (The Sovereign) that is created from that alchemical combination, and the Golden Crown (The Star) that is born from it, and sits on top.
We also teach about how these 5 archetypes relate to the Lion, the Wolf, the Dove, the Dragon and the PHOENIX!!! and each will be honored, and taught about throughout the weekend.
○ 7:07 – The Time to Roar Like a Lion Warrior
● 8:08 – The Time to Howl Like a Pack of Wolves and Wholers (Healers)
○ 10:10 – The Time to Screetch Like a Phoenix (Sacred Feminine)
● 11:11 – The Time to Growl Like a Dragon (Sacred Masculine)
○ 12:12 – The Time to Coo Like a Dove and Flock of Peacetenders
There are other Archetypes, for sure, but we start with these to anchor in the Primary Colors and aspects first, before going to the entire Rainbow.
Red – Warrior – Lion – Masculine
White – PeaceTender – Dove – Divine
Blue – Healer – Wolf – Feminine
Yellow (Gold) – Crown (Sovereign Unity) – Dragon – Sacred Masculine
Purple – Sovereign – Phoenix – Sacred Feminine
On the 12th day, after we move from the theme of the 11th Day – The Primary Archetypes of Freedom – to the Gatherings of Freedom, we will move beyond the primary archetypes and into all 12 archetypes of the clock and calendar, as is used by many traditions, and what they all stand for. That day we will assign archetypes to each of the 12 States that have designated events at their capitals, as a gift of thanks, for their participation and contribution.
In addition to teaching the archetypes we are encouraging EVERYONE to bring their magical gifts and talents!!!!
1) Dress for the occasion
We are inviting EVERYONE to dress up as their most aligned, most empowered, magical selves – what would you look like if you were fully playing the magical role you were here to play in this lifetime? Would it be in a dragon onesie? Or as a golden unicorn? A faerie, or a purple lion? A master of a loving money system that serves all? Or the best floor sweeper in the world who knows just the right tunes to sing on the floor?!?! Come dressed up for the occasion! Bring several outfits for the course of the 3-day experience to express different aspects of yourself.
2) Bring your Talents
For three days we will all be sharing our gifts freely (lovingly) with one another. So, if you sing, fire-dance, play music, write poetry, or perform in any way, there will be PLENTY of stages for that!!!
3) Create Sacred Space!
Different from the Occupy Movement, we are not coming to simply “occupy” the space. We are coming together to ELEVATE it! To make it even more holy and special. We want the people, their governments, businesses and institutions of every land where an #3LOVE8 encampment arises to feel blessed by the presence of our encampments. Not the other way around. We come here to bless the land, and each other. Not the other way around. For that reason we are inviting people to both camp well, and build sacred altars throughout the entire encampment, to #3LOVE8 the space with physical love, and blessings. So, bring your altar items and set up space to honor the forces that you feel grateful for, and/or want more of. We encourage individual altars, and collective altars built spontaneously and planned ahead. Art is magic. We want our encampments to look like a magical faerie land, free for all to see and enjoy!
4) Bring Food to Share
We are sharing ourselves through costume, through art, through ceremony, through talent, and more. Why would we not also share through the classical “breaking of sustenance (bread)”? So, bring your best meals to share, or let others share with you, if you do not have enough to bring in that way. This will be a FEAST. There will be so much bounty, that the whole world will be fed. Make sure to bring it with love, and allow it to be a true service from the heart. Also, make sure to bring plenty of amazing drinks to share and the most purified, holy waters in the world.
5) Bring Proper Shelter
This will be your castle for 3 days. We encourage you to make it holy and sacred. Don’t just bring a tent. Create a space that exemplifies who you are, and even give it a name: The Dragon’s Lair, or the Faerie Fortress, the Queen’s Quarters, etc. We encourage you to not just set up camp, but let it be another expression of the garments you wear throughout your day.
6) Bring Your Sacred Ceremonies & Rituals to Share
We will not just be sharing our talents, but will be inviting others to share in the medicines that we have learned work well for us. For example, if you teach yoga, come teach a class. If you lead song circles, offer that as a gift. If you teach breathwork, or Tai Chi, Chi Gong, etc. come and share your magic with us for us all to share and 3LOVE8. Maybe you know a nice candle lighting ceremony, or a hand cleansing ritual, or how to lead a sweat lodge. We invite you to come and share it, so we may all come out of the 3 days cleansed, healed and refreshed.
7) Bring Gifts to Share
One way to elevate one another is to BRING GIFTS and SHARE THEM!!! Maybe you have essential oils that you want to anoint people with, or kind words to bless people’s hearts with, or free hugs to help calm nervous systems, or bubbles to share to light people up, or stickers to put on people, or drawings to give out, or some kind of gift that you have made. Little or large, it doesn’t matter. Just bring gifts from your heart to share, and help light up people’s world!!!
More details will be added to this event page, so please do come back, as this is a very creative and evolutionary process.
If you would like to join any of our teams, please reach out. THere are many tasks at hand, and the more hands, the less time it will take, and the easier it shall be for all.
So, join us… cuz…
It’s time to ALTAR it up!!!
This will be the Woodstock of our generation, here to light the match of the global revolution of love, to bring the power back to all of Life, and out of the hands of those who have been hoarding it!


11 (Friday) 11:11 am - 13 (Sunday) 6:55 pm

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