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The 10 Stages to Freedom

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What Are the 10 Stages to Freedom?

The  10  Stages  to Freedom

On the first night of the eleventh month, in the year 2021, we launched an 8.625 year-long journey through The Ten Stages of Freedom, starting with Stage 0 – The Vision of Freedom.

The 10 Stages of Freedom consists of events, programs, and processes – with 9 annual cyclical rotations through these stages. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THESE ROTATIONS.

So, what exactly is this program all about?

Simply put, The Ten Stages of Freedom is a quest to manifest a dream to create a world of peace, where everyone thrives, and everyone is happy, healthy, and holy!

By participating in this program you can help build a Global Culture of Peace in 34.5 seasons, 8.625 years, 103.5 months, 449.5 weeks, 3,158 days, etc.

Click below to learn more about each stage.

Visit our Events Page for more detailed information on dates, times, locations, and more.



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