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The VISION of Freedom
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Stage 0 – The VISION of Freedom

The Zero Zone Event Description:

On the first night of the eleventh month, in the year 2021, we launch an 8.625 year-long journey through The Ten Stages of Freedom, starting with Stage 0 – The Vision of Freedom.

Why do we start with VISION?

If we want to get somewhere, it helps if we have a sense of where we want to go. We must look on the map, both within and without, and set the stage for the journey to come.

So, it is with our VISION of Freedom that we shall all begin this 34.5 season long journey to Freedom.

In essence, when initiating a trek, especially one of this magnitude, one needs a sense of where they want to go. They need a dream. And, we are here to call in the dream of dreams. The dream that returns us to who we are. To who we really are. True Love.

So, tonight, we Unite to paint a picture of True Freedom, together.

Leaders from the global freedom movement, with sacred performances, musicians, artists and more.

In addition, we will discuss our plans for the next 144 days, launching the first 7 Stages of this 10 Stage Evolution of Freedom.

We will have break out rooms to share our own vision of Freedom, and we will collective do a journey into the future, where we will Remember the future, and tell that collective story TONIGHT, on November 1st, 2○21 – All Sovereigns Day!

👐 Join us! 👐

May the future of freedom, that we all envision, be brought closer through our collective remembering of what is possible.

👐🙏 Blessings! 🙏👐



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