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Stage 1 - The Call to Freedom
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Stage 1 – The Call to Freedom

We launched into the Second Stage on November 3rd, 2021, joining Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s Team over at Children’s Health Defense, for their Worldwide Walkouts and Boycott, calling out schools, businesses, institutions, and organizations who are not protecting and defending health and medical freedom for all (along with all the other freedoms), while calling them back into that loving place that works to find solutions for all. See, Freedom is nothing more than a word that represents the place where all beings are considered. It literally means, “The Land of Love”. “Free” means “to love”, and “dom” is “a space or domain”. So, Freedom literally means, “the space where love resides”. So, on that day we invited the world back to love where we felt it had lost its way.

The One Zone Event Description:

As part of a 10 Stages Series spanning 8.625 years of programming, to bring the world to Peace and Freedom!


November, Wednesday, 11/3




○ Morning Session 

SPECIAL GUEST: Charles Eisenstein

7:07am – 8:08am, PT

Charles will be talking about the importance of being visible in our process of waking up, and not just silently. This is a time to be courageous, and he will share why.

○ Evening Session ○

SPECIAL GUEST: Children’s Health Defense Leadership

8:08pm – 9:09pm, PT



YESTERDAY, Facebook DELETED our Health & Medical Freedom Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Group. They said we “violated community standards. We, however, believe that we were impeccable. We combed through every post that came in and only allowed stuff that we felt was at a very high level of integrity.

In doing what they have done, and have done to MANY other Health & Medical Freedom groups, we believe that they have violated the United States Constitution and have, in so doing, attempted to put themselves above the Law. We believe this to be a high crime. They are putting their values, their beliefs, above the sacred document of this land that was written to protect and defend liberty and justice for all. And we believe this is not that. We believe this is medical discrimination. We believe this is medical apartheid. We believe this is medical rape. They have stolen so much.

So, join us TOMORROW, on November 3rd, 7:07 am – 8:08 am, PT for our SECOND STAGE – STAGE 1 – The CALL to Freedom, PT, and again at 8:08 pm – 9:09 pm, PT.

In the morning we will gather to begin the day of the Worldwide Walkout & Boycott to all businesses, schools, and institutions who are practicing Medical Apartheid, Discrimination, and Greed, and/or any other type of Freedom Violation. We will stoke the fire and we will call for independence from tyranny, discrimination, and greed. Afterward, we will all go out to the streets and to the local events for Freedom in our areas.

Then, in the evening, after we have walked out and boycotted in solidarity, we will rally in the evening, like wolves, and howl at our successes. We will share stories, and talk about our day-perceived wins and learnings. And we will sleep well when all is said and done. Join us, as we join the Children’s Health Defense, as they call for a day of walkout and boycott. And, join us as we name names of businesses who have committed medical discrimination crimes against us as an organization, or as individuals within this community of medical freedom, and call for a day of Walkout and BOYCOTT for businesses like Facebook, RedBubble, Frontier Airline, Southwest Airlines, TSA, Lyft and more.

And, join us as we specifically address Facebook saying #EnoughIsEnough. And for one day we invite the world to go dark on Facebook and share zero posts. No posts. At all. Other than to put a BLACK empty picture as your profile, maybe with some words speaking to why, until Facebook chooses to change its way. Let us send a message to Facebook that this is NOT ok!



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