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Stage 3 - The Gatherings of Freedom - The Global Freedom Convergence
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Stage 3 – The Gatherings of Freedom – The Global Freedom Convergence

4-Day Global Freedom Convergence

Dates: Nov 18-21

After learning the Primary Sounds of Freedom on Stage 2 – during the 11:11 Unified Event – and anchoring them into our bodies and being for 7 whole days, we are ready to GATHER!

We gather the four corners of the Earth for a unified global, co-creative, interactive, integrative, holistic freedom convergence, for four full days,

Preparing people for THE JOURNEY! Globally synchronized events for Freedom, co-created by Earth Walk and the global Medical Freedom Alliance Members and Allies of Freedom everywhere. All Allies will be invited to organize their own hub event, with satellite events, while also promoting independent events as well, beyond any centralized hub and orbit. Earth Walk will be hosting its hub event in Sedona, Arizona, alongside its sponsored project and fledgling organizations, Medical Freedom Protectors and the Alliance. Events throughout the 4-Day weekend will be led and co-led by presenters and communities from all over the world.

We will be co-hosting, with all of our allies, worldwide, a global, interactive, holistic, integrative, co-creative Freedom Convergence with our organizational hub event being in Sedona, Arizona. We will also have satellite events, and will be encouraging independent events as well. Moreover we will be encouraging all of our allies to host their own hub events, with satellites and independent event encouragement as well. Then, as we navigate through the 4-Day weekend we will have globally synchronized actions, dances, meditations, playshops, workshops, musicians and other performers, etc. We will also be preparing people for Stage 4, by supporting them toward clarity around what exactly they will be journeying for, how they will be doing it, and who they want to do it with, and which organizations they want to raise funds for. Each day will explore one of The Four Pillars of Integrative Planetary Wellness – Personal, Social, Environmental and Integral – as spelled out by Earth Walk, and how we want to liberate ourselves in each of those arenas.

Day 1 – Day of Personal Liberation

Giving the world a taste of Freedom, and demonstrating what we believe it sounds, looks, feels, and is like.

Day 2 – Day of Social Liberation

Supporting people through a 4-day gathering utilizing the 4 Pillars of Integrative Planetary Wellness – Personal, Social, Environmental, and Integral – as the background structure, where each of the 4 days are dedicated to each of those arenas in that progression. So, Day 1 is dedicated to liberation in the Arena of Personal, Day 2 is dedicated to the liberation within the Arena of Social, Day 3 is dedicated to liberation within the Arena of Environmental, and Day 4 is dedicated to the weaving together of the first 3 Arenas into a solid, integrative liberation plan that works for all. And, through this four part process we will be preparing all of our attendees to fully participate in the 30-Day Journey to Freedom, starting November 22nd, and ending on Solstice, Decwmber 21st, the day after the Freedom Convergence.

Day 3 – Day of Environmental Liberation

Offering programs and presentations of Freedom that touch all 12 Sectors of Society, to weave together the FULL Freedom Movement as one – Medical Freedom, Educational Freedom, Religious Freedom, Political Freedom, Economic Freedom, Communications Freedom, Science Freedom, Relations Freedom, Resources Freedom, etc.

Day 4 – Day of Integral Liberation

The weaving of the first 3 as one, to teach all the people of the world how to be Integrative Planetary Citizens, so we may created one, integrative planetary society, of love and peace.


If you are attending ONSITE in Sedona, Arizona, it would be best for you to arrive Wednesday, November 17th, to start off fresh with us in the morning.

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