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Stage 4 - The Journey to Freedom
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Stage 4 – The Journey to Freedom

Dates: March 21, 2022 – April 22, 2022

After gathering our energy from the four directions, as we did in the previous Stage, it’s now time to go on a sacred pilgrimage.

So, on March 21, 2022 we are inviting everyone on Earth to initiate their own 33-day “Journey to Freedom”. This journey will look different for everyone, as everyone’s journey to freedom has its own way. For some, it’s more focused on forgiveness and apology, while for others it is more focused on love and gratitude. For some, it’s deeply focused on the personal. For others, it is more focused on the social or environmental. Some will be journeying for economic freedom, while others are more focused on political freedom or sexual freedom. There are many sectors of freedom: health freedom, environmental freedom, academic freedom, technological freedom, relational freedom, artistic freedom, and beyond. The point is to journey together, as one planet, each in our own way, working to create a more beautiful world by focusing on liberating the parts of ourselves and the world on which we feel drawn to focus.

For these journeys we are inviting people to walk, to run, to bike, to skate, to swim, to play… and all the things that feel free-ing…to Freedom.  You choose! It’s YOUR path! It’s your sacred pilgrimage! 

And, you are invited to make your own journey or join with others. There’s no right way, as long as you follow your own true path to freedom. During these 33 days, some will journey alone. Some will journey with few. Some will journey with many. There’s no right way, except for the way that is right for you and anyone else you choose to journey with!

On this journey people will tell the world what they are journeying for and how they want to liberate themselves, others, the planet, and the cosmos, as they do so. Participants will get an online profile, which will serve as a place for them to spell out the details of their journey – what they are journeying for, where, and what sort of invitations are involved with it. The page will also allow them to make announcements about it, and keep their fan base informed. It will also have the capacity to handle all their fundraising aspects as well. They will be invited to earmark the funds gathered to various Freedom groups, Environmental Freedom groups, the Universal Freedom Alliance itself (and its various branches and members), while retaining 11.11% of the funds gathered for themselves in the form of Freedom Coins, to be used within the Freedom Marketplace. This is one of the ways we incorporate the four pillars of Integrative Planetary Wellness into our platform. Those pillars are Personal, Social, Environmental, and Integral Health & Wellness. Therefore, as people raise funds, 11.11% percent will go to them in the form of Freedom Coins (Personal), 44.44% will go to an approved Freedom Organization or Cause of their choice (Social), 22.22% will go to an approved Environmental Freedom Organization or Cause of their choice (Environmental), and 22.22% will go to Earth Walk, the Universal Freedom Alliance and all its participating members (Integral). The last 0.01% will go to some lucky lottery winners at the end of the 33-Day Journey!

After the journey completes, on February 12th, we will gather as one planet for a day of celebration. This day of conclusion and celebration is also considered one of the next 10 Stages of Freedom. This Stage is called The SOUND of The SOUND of Freedom – Stage 5. On that day, we will be gathering as one planet to sound the sounds of freedom and let freedom ring all over the land. It will be a day to be remembered!

Then for 33 days, we will be journeying into the next Stage – The Reverberation of Freedom – where we as a community will process together all the really great things we learned during our 33-day journey to freedom. Pairing the 33-day Journey to Freedom with a 33-Day Reverberation of Freedom allows for the more feminine/receptive side to be honored, as the journey honors the more masculine/directive side. Together, we find that people are able to learn a lot more, and keep the lessons they learned from their journeys with them for a lot longer.

To create your own Journey to Freedom, click here and set one up. To join our global community of folks journeying for Freedom, join our Journey to Freedom – Facebook Group.

In addition to inviting everyone to create their own journey to freedom, we at Earth Walk are creating a collective journey led by our founder, Tzaddik HaNachash, who is offering his personal journey to freedom to be one for all to join.

For 33 days he will be walking, bicycling, skateboarding, scootering, roller-skating, and stilting (depending on the day) for Freedom, and he’s inviting the world to join him.

The path is approximately 592 miles in total – averaging about 17.93 miles per day. He begins at Bell Rock, in Sedona, Arizona, to symbolically “ring the Bell of Freedom” by hosting a huge launch event, on March 19 and 20, 2022, called The Great Assembly. This event will gather people to create one large “ring” of humans holding hands around Baby Bell Rock (aka. Sovereignty Rock) while engaging in other fun, conscious Freedom-loving activities – such as yoga on the red rocks, live music, interactive conscious connection activities, an assortment of powerful presenters, and more!

To register for that event, please click here. Make sure to also visit The Great Assembly Facebook Event Page.

If you would like to join the community Telegram chat for The Great Assembly, please CLICK HEREThe event chat will include discussion and information for both the host hub event at Baby Bell Rock, in Sedona, Arizona, where we will be gathering a minimum of 1,111 people there to form a ring around Baby Bell Rock, to ring the Bell of Freedom, and kick off the 33-Day Journey to Freedom, AND will discuss all the satellite event aspects at other places of power throughout the world.

Specifically, we will also be coordinating a gathering of folks at all 50 State Capitols throughout the U.S. to ring the Liberty Bells there, all in unison at 1:11 pm, MT on 3/20. If you feel called to be a point person for any of the State Capitol events, please let us know, as we are currently working to ground all of those events!

We want as many simultaneous gatherings around the world as is possible. So, please click the button below to let us know if you want to be a satellite event host, and we’ll help you fully plug in.

After the launch event, he will trek south for 14 days until he hits the Arizona/Mexico border town, Lukeville (Hombres Blancos on the Mexican side). At this point, he will leave all of his additional gear behind (bicycle, skateboard, scooter, etc.), cross the border into Sonora, Mexico and trek by foot (mostly by trail) for 6 days on the Mexican side. This leg of his journey will be in an area where many migrants often see their last days in an attempt for Freedom. He will be walking there to bear witness to their lives and journeys. During these 6 days, he will be reading the names of fallen migrants that never made it or names of families and their different members that were separated.

Sedona, AZ —–> Lukeville, AZ

Lukeville, AZ —–> Nogales, AZ

Nogales, AZ —–> Phoenix, Arizona

He will then reemerge into the United States in Nogales, Arizona, and reunite with all his gear. From there he will travel north to his hometown, Tucson, Arizona, and parade through its downtown!

Finally, to complete the journey he will proceed to the Arizona State Capitol, in Phoenix, where the state’s Liberty Bell is, to go and ring it and have a big grand finale – with speakers, performers, celebration, and more! 

The grand finale will be on April 22 – Earth Day – representing the many great passages to Freedom this nation has taken.

Each day along the journey will be dedicated to a different type of Freedom. 

One day he will walk for political freedom & talk about that in his global livestream, with political freedom advocate guests on his livestream. Another day will be economic freedom. Then another day on academic freedom. Then on religious and spiritual freedom. So forth and so on. Each day will have a theme as a way to point out all the different fronts of freedom, and in so doing unite all the fronts of freedom under this one banner – a Universal Freedom banner!

Click Here to See the 33-Day Journey Schedule

You can also find updates on the Journey at our Facebook group for the Journey at Universal Freedom Journey – Facebook Group

If you do plan on joining, know that he is also encouraging people to come in festive outfits – something that resembles a superhero outfit, or a mystical creature, or anything that just feels fun. See, cuz in Free-Dome things are magical, playful, and fun, and EVERYONE is in their full power and pleasure! As an organization, we also tend to invite people to dress as their most aligned, most empowered, wholesome, archetypical superhero self. Because we believe a world of peace is when everyone is landing in their full power. In the power of love.

People are invited to join for the entire journey, or just join for parts. The intention, however, is to create a walking, bicycling, scootering, rollerblading, skateboarding… or whatever other kind of fun way you want to journey… caravan of Freedom Fighters and Lovebugs, creating sacred community along the way, while having a really great time!

If you would like to join us, or would simply like to be added to our email updates list for the Journey, click here.

We are inviting other leaders in the freedom movement to join and will publish their attendance as soon as we know it.

Leading up to the 33-Day Journey to Freedom we are doing a 30-Day fundraiser during the moon cycle just before. So, starting now, we will be raising funds for the Journey. To make this Journey successful we will need support staff both on the ground and off, helping with both in-person and online components. We need to buy camping gear, food, roller skates, scooters, bicycles, and more. We need to make sure our freedom fighters are well protected and feel supported. We are setting the goal of $33,333.33, or more, by March 19, the Spring Equinox and the Opening Ceremonies of this great Journey. If you feel called to help make this Journey an amazing success, please donate below.



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