Introducing the “Living Launchpad” for a World of Peace

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The Vision

A living launchpad is an environment created to launch, or seed, a “social vehicle”  designed to accomplish a specific mission or task at hand. Different from the launchpads we tend to think of with space shuttles, a living launchpad, and the seed planted within it depends on the organic unfolding of life itself.

It is not just a single moment.

But rather, the launch is a sequence of organic life events that simulate the way a seed cracks its shell and then “launches” itself out of the soil of the Earth, and into the sky.

This past year, our founder was hit by an “energetic semi-truck” that provided a launching, not just for him, but also a drastic shift in how Earth Walk set about achieving its goals.

What if, instead of valuing people based on their job, their roles in society, or the benefits they directly provide to others… what if we simply valued them because they are people? What if, the fact that you are alive is enough of a reason to allow love to guide our every interaction – even in the face of conflict?

One of the major shadows of this modern, Western culture is the placement of value on people according to our roles and/or our contribution, as opposed to knowing the intrinsic value that lies within each and everyone of us.  In our society, we are far too often loved not for who we are, but for what we provide for the community. But we are ALL beautiful and divine. All of us.

But this is not reflected by “societal rules”. As he put it:

“Playing a role that our society associates with “uneducated” – as a taxi driver – gave me so much insight. I was given the opportunity to see and feel the cultural bias in a very close and personal way.  The way some people treated me when they thought I was nothing more than their taxi driver versus when they discovered that I was the founder of a global peace organization was deep and profound.

It humbled me so deeply. And I am so grateful for it.  

Not only did it get me to look at how people treated me, but it gave me a window into how I treated others, in my mind and heart, based on their roles as opposed to their hearts and souls, as well.  It helped me to shed a false sense of separation that lived in my heart, as well. And, so as I go back out into the world and onto the global stage, I take that precious lesson with me: We are all, truly, the same.  None of us is any better than the other, and no role is more important than another. We never know why anyone happens to be serving in any particular role at that time. Because we never know, we must stay in the question, approaching others from a place of curiosity, love, and wonder, rather than judgement.”

Tzadik HaNachash

Earth Walk decided that our main focus would no longer be the organization itself. The organization is secondary to the community. How we show up with each other, and how much love we are able to bring to the table, has become more important than the organization itself.

We’re more clear than ever on that because, by our definition, love is the pathway to peace. And the greatest and most effective way to get there is to model it with each other, and, by natural extension, out into the world. We’ve started referring to ourselves as “The Community that Love built.”

We know that what we are up to is so much bigger than any of us and that for us to fully step into our mission we actually have to give credit where credit is due. And that credit goes to Love itself – the Force that we understand to flow through us all. In that frame, we understood ourselves to be a part of Love, and acting on its behalf, while not the entirety of it.

To the best of our ability, we structured our community and organization to honor people not for their contributions alone, but for their intrinsic nature and beauty. We decided that people need to be valued on our Team not only when they are in a place of “productivity”, but also when they are in a place of “receptivity” and need, as well.

We decided that the society we live in that makes a God out of productivity, expansion, growth, etc., is a huge part of the problem. We want to promote health and balance instead.

And that is what we have done.  We do NOT value people within the organization and community based on what they give. We value them simply because. And that is the culture of peace that we desire to bring to the world.

It is from that deep place of humility that we reemerge with our vision and platform to unite humanity, within a diverse, global culture of peace.  This angle welcomes everyone and everything with love, no exceptions.

For the last 4 years, Earth Walk has been preparing for what we are about to launch right now. And the launch begins with an invite to all of you.

Those of you who choose to say yes, and participate, will get to taste the magic of what we will soon be bringing to the world. It’s pretty amazing.  At the moment, we have only had enough time to pen the briefest of introductions, just in the nick of time to coincide with what is very likely the very event that leads you to this page today.

Don’t worry, there is MUCH more to come.

But for now, what we can tell you is that what we are about to launch will serve as the bedrock to our entire global platform, which has the mission to unite humanity, within a diverse global culture of peace. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

A world where everyone’s piece of peace is honored.

At Earth Walk, we say, “It takes a global village to create a world of peace.”  We would love to have your piece added to that mix of peace, love, and unity. I will explain how further below. First, let me explain more about what it is we’re doing.

At the core, we are launching 4 main things:

  1. Our vision for how to create a global culture of peace, as outlined within our global platform, containing 13 Main Components.
  2. A Global Conscious Intentional Living Community of Peaceful Change Makers, which we lovingly call Tribe 333.
  3. The #MeThree Movement, taking the #MeToo Movement to the next stage of healing.
  4. The #WeToo Movement, the #WeThree Movement, and The People’s Movement that springs forth from them.

“I believe in the essential unity of all that lives. Therefore, I believe that if one person gains spiritually, the whole world gains, and that if one person falls, the whole world falls to that extent.”

– Mahatma Gandhi
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