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Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo has offered insights on global transitions, physics, technology, human spirituality, and the future as a “Next Generation Leadership” ambassador at the White House, in multiple NEXUS and other summits at the United Nations, and at conferences and festivals around the world. He is a co-founder of the UNIFY movement and two education and technology-based companies: Access Granted and Superluminal Systems. He is an active faculty member, author, and the lead systems architect for several international online academies, including the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics and the Guardian Alliance Academy for self-mastery, with over 100,000 active students of all ages from around the world across these schools. He’s been featured on GAIA TV shows, Coast to Coast AM on multiple occasions, feature films, and more. Adam Apollo is dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture.

+1 (828) 275-6571


Adionai is a devoted steward paving the leading edge of the new renaissance in consciousness, transmitting Art, Music, Teachings, and Embodied Energetic permission for a New Culture; unveiling space for humanities illumined nature to birth through the tender contractions of this riveting initiation into the next level of our evolution. Dancing the mystery with deep, subtle awareness, he facilitates authentic transformational experiences that welcome the whole Self into the love through which a unified world is realized.

650 644 6112 (Telegram)

Adrian Fisher

Adrian is the founder of Awaken, a platform dedicated to bringing down messages from Channels of Light for this time in human history.

Anistara Ma Ka

Her mission is to weave commUNITY together, co-creating multi-dimensional experiences, for humanity’s awakening. She is a lover of Mother Gaia and a steward of the New eARTh, bEARTHing creative projects with a ’cause’. She is an author, a mentor, a team leader, a ceremonial creatrix, healer & passionate woman on purpose. She has taught at retreats and festivals around the world, for over 2 decades. Her perspective is holistic and spiritual, while also being grounded in science. As a mother and an empath, her shares come from a heart-centered, compassionate place- that is both touching and inspiring.

Ariyana Jill

Ariyana Jill, has focused her life, work and study in the fields of natural health, healing, personal transformation, energy mastery and soul development, both for her own journey and to teach and serve others. She currently lives in Sarasota, FL USA, distributes a Quantum Energy Stem Cell Technology (, practices Himalayan Kriya Yoga and leads Soul Focused Healing Meditations. Her passions include connecting people all over the world with amazing products, healers, healing technologies and assisting others in optimizing their energy and remembering their pure essence! You can connect with her at

941-321-9770 @Ariyanajill (Telegram)

941-321-9770 (Signal/Whatsapp)


Ashtani’s style is folky/country/rock with a fresh twist on spirituality, and each of her heart-opening songs holds within it a sacred mantra for the deepest healing of our mind, body, and emotions. Turning vulnerable shares into the heart’s prayers, Ashtani’s music gently, yet profoundly invites us to remember our highest potential as spiritual beings having a human experience. Through holistic means such as mantra, Ayurveda, animal therapy, and yoga, Ashtani healed herself of “bipolar disorder” and almost two decades of addiction and psychiatric medications. She now advocates for the truth that the ancient wisdom of the East and high-frequency vibrations have a healing potential beyond what Western medicine could possibly accomplish on its own. Along with offering unique musical experiences, Ashtani also shares yoga, bodywork, and essential oils medicine from Essential Oil Wizardry.

+954 (829) 5141

19548295141 (Signal)

Carolyne Gaithuma

Carolyne Gaithuma is the founder of Being Me Network, an organization that seeks to connect black Africans with alternative modalities for their mental, emotional and spiritual transformation. She is a freedom fighter who has fought for and continues to support those who yearn for personal freedom.

Charisse Monique Fitness

Charisse Monique fitness owner of NUFITU is a program that is designed for you to find time to self-love and regain your vitality back through holistic care. This program has many benefits that can help assist you with your overall health and wellness goals. Where you can learn how to maintain life coaching skills that will aid through crisis situations when experiencing depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Learn fun helpful ways to eat healthily, make healthier food choices and maintain an overall healthy eating lifestyle. Along with exercises that are customized and can be performed at home or at the gym to regain energy, sculpt and build muscle tone.

charissemoniquefitness (Instagram)

+602 (321) 8163

Charles Revealed of Merkaba Medicinals

Charles Revealed is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Earth Activist/Artist, & Community Herbalist, and more who enjoys inviting sweet moments of heart-opening joy to land in the divinity of now. His company Merkaba Medicinals serves as an energetic container from which he can share his gifts of Dreamscaping, Herbalism, Energy Healing, Intuitive Consulting aka Radiant Reflections of Sovereignty and Playful Presence. Consistently expressing blessings, living with integrity, holding a deep reverence for life, and embodying respect for all beings are a few things this wily wizard sees as key. He loves to teach and flirt and tease, to strategize on your life visions and share his gifts of erotic innocence, radical self-expression through voice + movement, deep earth wisdoms, conscious business alchemy, earth-honoring ceremony & more with those who are fully open to receive. When he’s not at home, you can find him meditating and exploring naked, feral & free in the forest or out somewhere laughing & stirring up a good time while inviting empowered, integrated, embodied transformation + justice.

+731 (307) 8140

@charlesrevealed (Telegram)

Christiene Renée

As a Venus Rose Priestess, Master Coach & Ascension Guide, it’s my mission to assist in restoring divinity in humanity with crystal clear alignment and purpose for the highest good of all. In amplifying, life-changing, transformative frequency sessions, we join in the areas of exceptional relationships, vibrant health, rich prosperity, creative expression and sacred service. Including ascension codes, Light Body transmissions, multidimensional alchemy, magic and science in sacred ceremonies, programs and events.

Cindi Eby

I am a mother and retired special education teacher with a certification in Stress Management and Optimal Health. I have been on a wellness path for over 40 years. I was certified in mind/body work and applied kinesiology almost 30 years ago. After retiring early from teaching I became an optimal health and body composition coach and worked for a solo General Practitioner Practice for several years. That work led me to the current work that I do, which is to educate others about a state-of-the-art, personal, wearable device that biohacks their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and that of their pets, by balancing their bioenergetic field.

Daniel Berkman

One man jam band and live looper featuring a fantastic array of musical instruments including the West African Kora.

+1 (415) 254-4895

Dank PHART The Pirate Poet

Dank P.H.A.R.T. was birthed out of the quantum sea of infinite possibility on a rainy September night in 2009 during a Gonzo mystic naming ceremony. A Gonzo mystic ceremony is an improvised ceremony involving the use of psychedelics with the intent of opening more widely to channels of transpersonal experience. The symbols and myths of the ceremony can only be understood from the subjective experience of the participants. It was in this space that a friend was struck by inspiration and declared that Matty smokes so much pot his farts smell like dank (cannabis), and the pungent scent can be sniffed from across town. Thus it was that Dank Phart was born. He is a community organizer and cultural instigator based in Boulder, CO. With his words he calls forth humanity to find its heart as it journeys into balance with its environment. His work focuses on spiritual-cultural transformation and is a call to action for self-empowerment. Growing up in Fairfield, IA, a small rural farm town that is also the epicenter of Transcendental Meditation in the U.S., he was exposed to many different world views. This cosmopolitan experience reflects deeply in his work and he walks his path as an artist to help heal the broken wounds among nations so we can all rise together as the ancient rainbow tribe of all colors, creeds and orientations. He received a B.A. in theater and a minor in English at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA. September 16, 2011, he moved to Boulder, CO where he started organizing conscious community events with the Bloom Network. In 2013, he and some friends founded StarWater Wednesday – a weekly art event that includes live interviews, open mic and featured music that brings together Boulder’s local creative community to collaborate and network. During this same time, he got into graduate school for poetry at Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. After 2 months in the program, he dropped out because his career was taking off with his work at StarWater Magick Productions. He continues to dream in the future where we can be in the right relationship with the planet using his art to help orient the conversation in that direction.


Dlight is focused on ushering in a new era of self-reliance and sustainability where we are no longer dependent on the corrupt banking / ultra-corporate state. This process has become far more urgent with the rise of a new totalitarianism disguised as a pandemic response. He is applying his broad scientific and technical knowledge to assist in the ultimate coming of age of mankind – our liberation from our governmental and corporate “parents” with whom we can no longer entrust our future.

Ethereal Rising

Our voices are powerful tools, especially when sharpened collectively. Ethereal Rising is a movement in music medicine, transcending traditional genres and conventional performance by tapping into the vulnerable territory—merging spoken and sung words with meditative beats and a deep intention to push creative edges. We bring a passion for personal growth, earth stewardship, social justice, and generational healing into our work, while the soothing tones of the handpan drum re-calibrate mind and body.

Gary Lachance

Tireless advocate of Open-Source and Decentralization. Million Doge Disco and Decentralized Dance Party co-founder. Devotee of the Doge.

George Palilis

Music gave a beautiful meaning to my life one day, so I followed the music, then I found out that we are music, so believe in you and follow your original vibration to become the best of you, you can imagine.

Heart Guardian Global

I am 34 y/o Father, I have 11 years of experience in energy regeneration and balance, I traveled 7 years as a moneyless urban monk focused on voluntary healing outreach and intentional community development all over USA. I am focused on spreading ecovillages and equipping them to be the regenerative energy centers where people can travel to and be activated with their eco-conscious humanitarian purpose and mission.

Heidi Wilson

Grew up around music and trees… Family of origin was not great at expressing emotions… so my soul sought out challenging relationships to learn about how to respond to anger and stand up to emotional abuse. Healing arts of shiatsu and craniosacral work saved my soul and Music frees the expression of my spirit. I teach craniosacral workshops (actually in Cottonwood teaching this weekend). I live in Tucson, Az, with my 22-year-old grandson and live near my daughter and amazing 6-month-old granddaughter. I play saxophone in a Band called Baba Marimba.

Jai Aquarian

Jai Aquarian is a professional coach and facilitator of Empowered Vocal Energetics, a holistic vocal training. A solo performer as well collaborator with hundreds of DJs and producers at festivals around the world Jai has written thousands of songs and poems. As a historian and futurist, he gets his best ideas about the importance of culture while riding a bicycle while playing ukulele regularly in his hometown Vancouver, BC.

Jai Aquarian (Telegram)

+1 604-354-8085 (Signal)

+CA604 (354) 8085

Jaime Lund

Jai is a Luminary Leader & Visionary in the Co-Creation of the New Earth. Founder of ThriveTribes Global & Co-Founder of The ThrivEvolution – BlockChain for ChangeMakers – She loves to get the ideas & innovations that support Sovereignty and Freedom out to the world. Speaker, FilmMaker, Best Selling Author, Broadcaster & Digital, Decentralized, Disruptor Extraordinaire ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jodi Parker

Combining education and vast life experience, Jodi engages her wisdom and knowledge to assist you on your healing journey. She began her healing/metaphysical studies in 1998, and her natural health studies in 2001. Her theory of healing is that you must heal at an energetic, emotional, and physical level in order to find full balance in life. Accordingly, she has studied Shamanic & Quantum Energetic Healing, Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development and Neurology, and Holistic/Alternative Health modalities in her quest to become a wellness expert. She serves as a council member on the Million Mom Movement and is dedicated to being the change she wishes to see in the world.

Julie Levine

Julie Levine has a Masters Degree in Social Work and has devoted her life to improving the lives of low income families and children. She has served as the executive director of nonprofits including the Citizens Advice Bureau in NYC, and the Coalition for Community Health in Los Angeles. She has worked with city and county governments to improve outcomes for the homeless, abused children, high-risk families and others to better integrate services to vulnerable populations. She has also taught policy advocacy, grant writing, community organizing in social work schools in L.A. and NYC and served as an adjunct professor and field advisor at USC School of Social Work. She is an activist and co-facilitates the Topanga Peace Alliance, the MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles and now, 5G Free Topanga and Beyond and 5G Free California. Her commitment has been to improve the well-being of the planet and its residents.


I am the boss Mama with a project called SHILLIT which is a part of the ThrivEvolution . I am opinionated, sarcastic, open-minded, and sassy. My heart is big and my hugs are amazing, and with my sass, I believe we can unite as a global community and be the change.

Karsten Hinrichs

Karsten is the luminary leader of EcoTribe with ThriveTribe Global. He sees himSelf as a Warrior Spirit with a deep reverence for Mother Earth & all it’s children. He deeply believes in humanity’s ability to thrive in Unison with Nature through building community, bringing humans together, embracing their diversity, aligning their innerverse with their outerverse & manifesting their cooperative components & relationships to supercharge planetary change. ThriveTribes Global the Platform is one of those cooperative components & relationships that has come to him through synchronicity, just like it is coming to You HERE & NOW – We are the Ones We have been waiting for!

+351 912287124 (Telegram)

Katrina Vaillancourt

Katrina Vaillancourt is passionate about sharing the principles of Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) and empowering Compassionate Consciousness. She specializes in supporting personal empowerment, evolutionary relationships, and familial and community harmony while navigating, managing and honoring difference. Her toolset includes NVC, Meditation, Breathwork, Journaling practices, Compassionate Inquiry, Inner Child Work, Relationship Mediation, Internal Dialogues (Intra-Mediation), Role-Play, Authentic Relating and other modalities. She is an artist and creator of Love Smart Cards, an educational and practical application tool that aids in the development of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, gratitude, conflict resolution and character cultivation. Her theme is “co-creating a world of win/wins.”

Keri Norley
Keri Norley is ‘The Wealth Alchemist’. She is an international wealth and soul-alignment activator, mentor, speaker, and author. She is the author of two books, including the international bestseller, ‘The New Wealth: Magnetise Abundance, Hold Your Wealth and Leave a Legacy. She also has an international top-charting podcast, ‘The Wealth Alchemist’ where she dives into all things Wealth and Money. Her mission and passion is to help shift the wealth consciousness of the planet. She is an American-Aussie living in Colorado and loves dancing and good-quality chocolate. The best place to connect with her is on Facebook at and insta at @kerinorley
Change specialist of the individual human kind.
Kyle Kemper

Kyle Kemper is a freedom-first entrepreneur and technologist on the cutting edge of crypto & NFTs. In addition to his work in technology, he is also a curator of experiences and a community thought leader and organizer.

@kylekemper on Twitter

Lari Ahmyo

Lari Ahmyo lives in a small community, co-creating a new reality in connection with Gaia. She is a mother of 3 children and a facilitator for women`s empowerment and cyclic wisdom. (Instagram)

Lari Ahmyo | Shillit.App (Telegram)

+5531 996831306 (Whatsapp)

Lee Davy

Lee is an inspirational author, creator, speaker, retreat host, breathwork specialist, and leader in global health. Lee has worked with clients one on one and with groups all over the world for more than 20 years. He is the co-founder of Connected Community, co-steward of the Unified Alliance, and co-owner of Imiloa Institute. Leveraging a life-long quest for self-discovery and personal growth, he has spent over three decades gathering tools and learning from leaders, shamans, tribes, keepers of the origin, medicines, sciences, the quantum realm, mother Earth, and masters of meditation, movement, healing modalities, breathwork, energetics, stillness, and other forms of self-mastery. Lee shares his voice, story, journey, passion, and compassion to support others in their journeys – should they ask for assistance – to fully understand and embrace their highest selves – beyond all illusion.

4168075739, wizardlee1 (Telegram)

Lisa McNett

Lisa McNett is an internationally known breathwork practitioner and founder of One Breath Institute. She has dedicated her life to helping people heal from the effects of trauma through self-empowerment and introspection, developing a wide scope of practice and depth of knowledge. Lisa lives within the question “Who Am I?”, and encourages you to do the same. She believes this is the single most important question we can ask ourselves, and that our body is the greatest vehicle we have for uncovering our answers. Lisa provides professional training and mentorship through her school, One Breath Institute.

@reallisamcnett (Instagram)

+352 (870) 2218

@lisamcnett (Telegram)

Magen Martinez The Divine Ms. M

Magen Martinez is the Divine Ms. M. She is now sharing her gifts with the world to help individuals seeking clarity and those ready to take the next step on the Ascension path. She is an interdimensional telepath, medical intuitive, energy worker, sound healer and human divining rod. Ms. M has contributed as a consultant in criminal investigations, worked with medical professionals to accurately diagnose medical issues and has helped recovery specialists to locate missing artifacts. Ms. M. is a true Renaissance woman, a multimedia artist, visionary entrepreneur and Actionist dedicated to building a better world. Ms. M is a Modern Day Mystic and shares her practical wisdoms with live audiences and through her various YouTube appearances.

Mathues Imhotep

Mathues is an entrepreneur, business system designer, developer, and consultant. Mathues has more than 30 years of experience in developing business applications and systems. Mathues is supported by an extensive group of colleagues, programmers, and technologists who are experts in a wide variety of IT and Internet platforms. Together using MAPPER they can produce applications very rapidly that far exceed what other existing technology can in the existing IT marketplace. Mathues has 20 years of experience in international banking, with a network of top bankers, officials, heads of states, and agency relationships. Mathues holds executive-level positions in several blockchain technology development companies. His vast network is collaborating for new and improved Global Solutions across an array of technologies.

@mathues1122 (Telegram)

Michael Wisnieux

The ManKinder Movement is a 508(c)(1)(a) Church Ministry dedicated to the advancement of Mankind and its role in the natural and spiritual world.

A Joyful Critical Thinkers’ Community Network: Strategizing to Strengthen ManKind, Saving ManKind from Globalism.

An InterNational Network of Networks, Reclaiming the JOY+MUSIC of LIFE!

Content Creation + Business Development, building + supporting Kinder Communities for ManKind.

MiraKle King

MiraKle King is a new paradigm visionary and omni-centralised thought leader. For the past two decades, he has been encouraging self-governing systems to come into existence. He has traveled to many continents around the world to be inspired by & to co-create global alliances with Damanhur, Rednoya, Lyceum and Findhorn to name just a few established eco-resilient communities.

Over 24 years ago, Mirakle awakened to the enlightened heart sovereign path when he returned from a “Near Death Experience (NDE), eternal life review” pacific ocean drowning experience. The divine message received was simple, “Serve Planet Earth by assisting Humanity to Consciously Shift into their Fullest Potential.”

Since that original NDE moment, he has journeyed & studied with various masters (seen & unseen) in over 50 countries, been reborn via six more NDE’s, and facilitated individual & group life-transforming events in 13 countries with his global ministry,

Dr. Om Prakash

Dr. Om Prakash (John Gilmore) is a retired Unitarian Universalist Minister, writer, Certified Life-Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist and Teacher. He is a graduate of Meadeville Lombard Divinity School. He later received his D. Min. at the University of Creation Spirituality in Work and Spirituality and did Postdoctoral Work at Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica studying spirituality and identity. His focus for the last 20 years has been the practical application of alternative therapies and healing modalities to empower and to remove the negative effects of oppression, suppression, and depression. He was a regular monthly Dharma teacher at Won Buddhist Institute in Abington PA. He is presently serving on the CUUPS national board in the position of Right Relations.

Omsira Barry

🙏🏽 Omsira Barry is an inquisitive and sensitive soul, and know deep within his heart, that our perception of the vast world is only limited by how we experience our living body and its sacred language. We are Cosmicॐ Beings having an Energetic Experience!✨

@barry369 (Telegram)

Paris Latka

Paris helps people embody a posture that reflects their connection to their inner power and truth. She says, “When taking on a healthy posture that acknowledges our inner-power it impacts the way we think, mood, and hold/show and show ourselves to the world. There couldn’t be a relevant time to step into this posture of awakening inner power and truth and let it carry us forward. We are being called forth to know the courage and strength of our backbone to stand, rise and unite.” Paris has a lot of other health-related interests and is a myo-fascia release therapist and nutritionist.

+303 (901) 7464

Peter Littlejohn Cook

I help personal development facilitators, Yoga teachers, therapists, and artists who’ve had a spiritual awakening to gracefully move through their self-doubt and limiting habits, to step up powerfully and embody their full potential – to find beauty and meaning in their work, their relationships and in the impact, they can have in the world.

+351 (918) 476523

+351 918476523 / Peter Littlejohn Cook (Telegram)

+351 918476523 (Whatsapp)

Phoenix Onesong

Phoenix Onesong Marolda has devoted the past 18 years of her life to exploring what it means to use dance, authentic movement and ceremony for healing and transformation. In facilitating her own evolution and that of others she is assisting with the global shift that is happening at this time. With the tools she has gained throughout her life she empowers and reminds others to embrace their body’s movements and natural intelligence as a means of experiencing life to its fullest

Rachel Zurer

Rachel Zurer is a writer, editor, and listener on a mission to make the world a better place. She’s the founder of Magic Words Marketing, a messaging consulting firm that helps heart-driven businesses talk so customers listen. Before that, she spent a decade as a magazine editor and writer, including at Conscious Company Media, Backpacker, and Wired. She’s also a meditator, yoga teacher, authentic relating practitioner, and former Earth Walk Global Core Council member.

+19544947086 (Telegram)

+19544947086 (Signal)

Reinette Senum
In 1994 Reinette Senum crossed Alaska alone. It would be during this isolated winter solo trek, filmed by Reinette for National Geographic, that she would learn, of all things, the power of community. From 2008 to 2020 Reinette served 2 terms as mayor and city council member in her hometown, Nevada City, CA. Rather than taking her oath to begin her third city council term in the summer of 2020, Reinette read her resignation letter, citing her concerns around the Covid narrative that was being pushed upon the public. At that time, she stated she was “stepping down to step up.” Reinette would immediately begin conducting interviews with different experts in their respective fields on “Reinette Senum’s Chew On This,” so as to better educate her community and the public regarding Covid issues and therapies not being disclosed. Today, Reinette is running for California Governor 2022, as a non-partisan, child-centric candidate, determined to return the Rule of Law to California.
Richard Hart

Having had an interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2017 and after seeing his income severely curtailed in 2020, Richard decided to look into this space in more depth. As a result of this, he has become an advocate for Decentralised Finance, having seen first-hand the power that this has to change peoples’ lives. Richard and his wife home educate their children and realised that one of the biggest hurdles for people to overcome when wanting to home educate was the loss of an income. This led him to set up The Home School DeFi Club to try and not only help parents overcome this financial issue, but also to help create a generation of children who are knowledgeable about this amazing technology and can leverage it themselves in order to become financially sovereign. This then led to him and his sister, Karen, becoming Luminary Leaders of Freedom Families THRIVEHUB, part of ThriveTribe. Freedom Families, provide a space that presents solutions and tools for families looking to live abundant, happy, healthy, heart-centred lives, a fundamental part of which is attaining financial sovereignty.

@rh3971 (Telegram)

Robin Clements

Robin Clements began to bridge science and spirituality at four years old when he received open-heart surgery. His gift is guiding people back to the light of truth within their own heart. With twenty-three years of experience guiding Breathwork, Robin has refined the art of consciousness-connected breathing into a gentle practice for anyone. His breath ceremony circles are grounded in life experience and held in prayer, insight, and compassion. His teaching techniques offer gentle power and humility to emerge for all levels of participants.

Robin has been shaped by many lineages including, Transformational Breath, Re-birthing, Shiva Rea, Lakota, Anishinaabe, Navajo, Mexica, Huichol, First Nations and several bodywork certifications.

He is the Founder and Sr. Teacher Trainer of Breathwave., he is co-author of the international bestseller Fearless Presence, he holds a Doctor of Divinity and is a surfer and a father.
Instagram – robin.breathwave

RoseMary Wereley

RoseMary is a Singer and Songkeeper who learns, teaches, and sings Traditional as well Inspired Songs. She has been a Ceremonial Singer for over 20 years and opens Hearts and Minds in so doing. She’s been a dedicated practitioner and student of Healing Arts for over 30 years, and Vermont licensed Massage Therapist\Bodyworker. Since covid restrictions, RoseMary has been offering remote Spiritual Consultations, also known as “Sacred Articulations” because of the depth of insights and very genuine positive effects in these times of challenges, transition, and transformation coupled with Auric Cleansing and Revitalization.

Facebook: RoseMary Wereley

Sedona Quantum Consciousness

Mark Z. – Founder of SQC is an engineer turned biofeedback practitioner (M.S. in Applied Breathing Sciences) turned consciousness and vibration assistant.

The mission of SQC is to help others turn their mind into an ally, turn their heart into a beacon of divine light, and turn their energy toward love of self and divine service to others.

Sheila Johnson

In my journey of self-discovery, I unearthed my gift of spreading light. As I walk you through creating Vision Boards, I will share the thought process of pulling your dreams to the forefront and truly manifesting the life you always thought possible.

Sophia Gabriella Volk

Aloha, I am sharing and seeking Wisdom, Grace, Love, and Joy. Co-creating and connecting with other magical beings. Dragon tribe reuniting!


Dr. Stefan Kasian NMD, PhD

After a unique set of illuminating experiences, from Near-death-Experience after emergency brain surgery to sitting at the feet of the “hugging saint” in India, to the curandero shamans in the Amazon getting a glimpse, to buying a home for only $100 down as a Duke graduate becoming a real estate millionaire by age 30, Dr. Kasian achieved an actionable vision that embraces home health independence, a brain spa, direct guided group cross-cultural experiences sitting in the jungle with indigenous healers experiencing plant medicine, to building and constructing quad-bottom line constitutionally sovereign self-sustainable communities. Come participate and collaborate with your consciousness and capital, to rebuild your body, install a home health spa and turn your toxic home into a transcendent temple, or join an upcoming tour deep into the jungle to sit with an authentic medicine man/woman, all with scaleable holochain potentials of creating decentralized communities that are empowered by growing their own medicine. Dr. Kasian would love to share on these topics and more.

Stu Z

A reformed hedge fund manager Stu Z utilizes the media to explore the practical potential for a Golden Era of humanity. His affinity for loving presence, physical reality and laughter conjures an image of Mr Rogers, Wayne Dyer and George Carlin all rolled into one… or so he likes to think.

Sylvester Watkins

Artist and entrepreneur Sylvester has used his writing skills as a poet, author, playwright, script developer, rapper, and speaker for over thirty years while creating financial self-empowerment through branding his talents and making them accessible for all audiences across all platforms. FUN fathers United Networking being the combination of talent entrepreneurship and giving back is his most appreciated success.

+1 (845) 591-3322

Trina Fallert

Trina is a cosmic channel/seer here to awaken, inspire, ignite, and liberate those who are ready to let go and remember. She came here to help Earth’s awakening by bringing in joy, light, fun, ways of explaining things, books, events, and assisting in various creative collaborations. She specializes in seeing the larger picture along with the smaller moving parts by sensing the various timelines for the collective and each individual. She helps souls see their energetic patterns, karmic ties, and unconscious layers creating suffering. She then helps them clear these roots, rewire old belief systems, tap into their souls knowing, and reawaken their life force energy in order to live a more joyful, whole, abundant, overflowing life. Her mission is to be of highest service for humanity by being a vessel for the highest good.

Trish Wright

Trish Wright is a hearted-centered lover of life and Certified Love and Sex Coach. Master Love Coach with Love Coach Academy and cohost of The Self Love Show and Straight Talk. She believes that relationships are the greatest wealth we have and will help you cultivate more deeply intimate connections. Primarily focused on dissolving codependent, trauma-bonds, her work helps repattern old behaviors and thoughts into empowered choices and sovereign embodiment.

Tru Guy Stefan Starhorse

Tru is a Troubadour of the heart, a truther, and ambassador for peace. He has brought his passion for inspiring others into almost every area of his community service work over the past 68 years of his life (ie. street youth, the disenfranchised, Forensic units, hospitals, prisons, churches, retreats, festivals, house concerts, festivals, etc.). Tru also did healing work for 35 years as a Shiatsu Therapist and Body-Mind Mapper. He is currently just completing a full album of wrap-around love songs called Surrender To The Heart, which will be accompanied by a book whereby each chapter is titled after each song on the album. A timely offering for these times.

647-609-9806 (Telegram)

Wonder Bob

Wonder Bob left his engineering career and 3D life on a four-year walkabout then landed in Crestone, a high vibrational vortex. He set up an off-grid yurt with no running water or electricity, meditated for 10 years, and woke up. He teaches tools for conscious evolution, acceding soul identity and mission, plus grid work to recalibrate the environment to receive more Shakti. What can we receive and become?

ẎnDon Clark

ẎnDon was initiated into the heart of Hologenetics while exploring his curiosity for Astrology, Quantum Mechanics & different cross-cultural Esoteric Traditions. Longing to retrace the genetic history within his ancestral line, he began unearthing the mythos hidden within his DNA while remembering humanity’s connection to our timeless place among the stars.

Devoting his calling to uncover the Cosmology of Incarnation, his path led to the discovery of the science of Hologenetics when he found The Human Design System & The Gene Keys in 2015. Since then ẎnDon has been leading students through deep personal transformation by guiding them to identify their gifts & embrace their shadows while developing a lifestyle that naturally awakens their life’s purpose as they de-condition.

Zoey Wind

Zoey Wind has been synthesizing a Cosmology for the New Earth through 18 years of study and practice in the systems of the Earth, human body, stars and soul. Her knowledge spans yoga, regenerative agriculture, sustainable communities, plant medicine, the Hermetic traditions, Jungian psychology, mythology, theology, esotericism, symbolism and soul-recovery work. Zoey can be found at spiritual centers around the world offering Astrology, ceremony, regenerative land practices, teaching the Mysteries of how to live in harmony with ourselves and all of nature.

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