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10-10 Activation

The 10-10 Activation was a total immersion experience surrounding World Mental Health Day. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, all events were virtual, but this did not lessen its enormous effect. Participants engaged in panel discussions, participated in such things as yoga and meditation, were enlightened by leaders in various areas of mind, body, and spirit, and so much more. Click here to look at the event’s schedule and presenters, and be sure to visit our shop to purchase video recordings from the event.

11-11 Unification

Earth Walk collaborated with 11.11 Unify to present its Global Gathering: Virtual “Mother Event” which took place on 11/11/2020. 

Its focus was to discover what it will take, to co-create our Future Earth Vision, for everyone’s “THRIVAL”! The day featured a full day of inspirational Speakers, Presenters, Movement & Music, with a highlight of a Global Prayer for Love, Peace, Harmony & UNITY.

12-12 Convergence

Our Whole Person Convergence was a 12-day collaborative experience, co-produced by Earth Walk and many of our amazing organizational friends. It served as the grand finale to the 3-month-long Whole Person Events & Programs Launch Series. This epic journey through the middle days of December, ending with Solstice, took our participants on a magical ride through wholeness while giving them a taste of what that looks like within each of the 12 Sectors of Society (as outlined by Barbara Marx Hubbard in the Wheel of Co-Creation: Science & Technology, Media & Communications, Justice & Governance, Spirituality & Religion, Learning & Education, Economics & Business, to name a few). Each day we explored some aspect of how to bring ourselves, our relationships, and our global culture more toward wholeness. The overall theme of these 12 days was a focus on how to bridge the polarities of humanity, and the underlying trauma that causes polarity to erupt into violence. With the degree of trauma currently present throughout the world, our vision was that our Convergence would provide a deep space of healing for all involved while providing pathways designed to continue bringing that healing into our lives on a daily basis. We are thrilled to say that it was a resounding success. Please click here to view the event program, as well as the extensive line of experts who helped make the event such a success.

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