Dark Night Panel: The Journey Through the Dark Night of the Soul (DAY)


This phenomenal panel features host Rachel Zurer and speakers Raj Sankarlall, Tzadik HaNachash, Val Silidker, and Tomasa Macapinlac.


This phenomenal panel features host Rachel Zurer and speakers Raj Sankarlall, Tzadik HaNachash, Val Silidker, and Tomasa Macapinlac.

  • Rachel Zurer is a writer, editor, and listener on a mission to make the world a better place. She’s the founder of Magic Words Marketing, a messaging consulting firm that helps heart-driven businesses talk so customers listen. Before that, she spent a decade as a magazine editor and writer, including at Conscious Company Media, Backpacker, and Wired. She’s also a meditator, yoga teacher, authentic relating practitioner, and former Earth Walk Global Core Council member. Rachel’s integration as a magical MC, magnificent Moderator, and surreal Space Holder are reasons in and of themselves to drop into the wonder of the #WholePersonActivation!
  • Raj Sankarlall has a background in art and business. Raj began traveling the world to more fully experience life while gaining a better understanding of himself. He deeply values what he learned over his travels in addition to the “Rolodex” of people he has met. He now specializes in Marketing & Media. His work allows people to transform their vision for themselves, their company, or their dream for life from concept to real-world application and build a brand around that! Raj currently takes up Advisory roles for brands looking to take their vision to the next level or create custom media packages, anywhere from photography to product manufacturing. On The Other Side of the Coin, spirituality is consistently interwoven in all Raj pursues. Through his travels, he sought a deeper understanding of self through meditation which was amplified living among the monks of Thailand and Tibet as well as other spiritual leaders from around the globe. He recently worked with the United Nations on Spirituality in the Modern World. We honor the Authentic Truths of Raj Sankarlall and look forward to hearing what he shares in the Panel “Exploring the Journey Through the Dark Night of the Soul”.
  • This is the face of the Shining Soul whose Profound Intentions and Global Networks of Connectivity have led to the Culmination of this #WholePersonActivationSeries! Tzadik HaNachash is a Global Visionary and Leader… You will notice his presence in many facets of the 10/10 Activation Event including Space Holding, Conscious Creativity sharing, and Panel Participation. Tzadik is Founder and Global Council Chair at Earth Walk, a global platform built to unite humanity, within a DIVERSE global culture of peace. In addition to Earth Walk and countless conscious events, Tzadik has served by creating systems for ongoing human and planetary transformation. Tzadik is a social change agent and active community member in the realms of personal, social, environmental, and integral health & wellness advocacy for over 17 years. He has been a leader in the local, national and global peace movements for the same amount of time, written up in publications such as UTNE Magazine, The New York Times, and other local and regional publications. Originally from Tucson, AZ, these days, you can find him touring the world, with his partner, in a 30-foot RV, bringing beautiful medicine to the world, or grounding in their nest in Boulder, Colorado, United States. We bear witness to Tzadik as an Authentic, Articulate Activist who fearlessly perseveres in pursuit of Global Peace and Unification! We celebrate him as a Magnificent Motivator of Many, a Conscious Cross-Cultural Connector, and a Sacred Seed Sower.
  • Tomasa will be an active voice on our “Exploring the Journey through the Dark Night of the Soul” panel this Saturday during the 10/10 activation event! Tomasa is the CEO and business owner of Self Care Queendom which offers a range of life-changing services including holistic business mentorship, sacred Shamanic ceremony, and Integrative Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tomasa is a DIVINE author and speaker with a direct intention to “help YOU shift YOUR vibration so that you can dream your world into being!” She is an advocate for right-relationship with ourselves and our plane and for this, we say THANK YOU, Tomasa! It is with much delight that we celebrate her existence and welcome her to the Whole Person Activation!


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