Ecstatic Spiritual Practice with Pratim Patil


Join Pratim Patil for this incredible mind-body experience!

Join Pratim Patil for this mind-body experience! Pratim is a student of life and his dream is to create an Open Source Religion that catalogs the multiple paths that lead to more joy and reduced suffering in human life. In 2017, after a failed marriage and dropping out of a top MBA program, this dream went from being merely an intellectual pursuit to a deeper engagement with the spiritual traditions from around the world in mind, body, and spirit. This is when he found Tantra, arguably an open-source religion from ancient India and its practices infused life into the words that all spiritual traditions have been pointing at. For the first time, he lifted his gaze from the map that he was staring at all along and looked at the terrifying yet enchanting terrain. Pratim has lived in consensus-based intentional communities for about a decade and is a software engineer by day. We embrace Pratim and all of his pursuits, and are so grateful he felt the call to hold space for the #WholePersonActivationSeries!


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