Power & Justice Panel: From #MeToo to #Me3 – Unitive Justice Model for Healing from Sexual & Power Abuse Trauma


This groundbreaking panel hosted by Ahva Lenay and featuring Kenzie Swenson-Thole, Audrey Addison Williams, Tzadik HaNachash, Billie Sunday Mars, and Zanette Johnson is not to be missed!


This groundbreaking panel hosted by Ahva Lenay and featuring Kenzie Swenson-Thole, Audrey Addison Williams, Tzadik HaNachash, Billie Sunday Mars, and Zanette Johnson is not to be missed!

Ahva is well known in the Conscious event community as the leader of #rhythmsanctuary! Ahva Lenay is a World-Bridger, Ceremonial Artist, and Evolutionary Cocreator. She is well respected and intensely loved for her devotion to the healing arts, her joyous spirit, and honoring Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants. Ahva works with clients one-on-one, and in groups to unlock dormant codes and activate the personal and planetary medicine each is meant to deliver in these changing times.

Kenzie is an 18-year-old youth activist who has a passion for social justice, environmental justice, trauma support, and cultural healing, especially around healing sexual trauma. At age 16 she founded a “Me3 movement” in her high school, with the vision of evolving the #MeToo conversation past punitive justice and blame, to foster real understanding for everyone involved. Kenzie has been raised in a diverse family, living in a multi-generational village-like family-web that is firmly rooted in the queer community, and as such she inherently brings a diverse perspective to conversations around sexuality and gender. She is also the younger sister of one of the founders of the Light Dark Institute and has been deeply mentored around themes of shadow work, psychology, power dynamics, and non-dual spirituality. Kenzie is passionate about activism and empowered to make a change, while also holding compassion for all, trying to go beyond the traditional “us vs. them” narrative.

Zanette is a facilitator, change leader, neuroscientist, and mindfulness practitioner who earned her Ph.D. at Stanford in learning science and technology design. She helps companies and teams build adaptive expertise and use their intrinsic resources to solve unexpected problems gracefully and effectively.

With immense gratitude, we introduce Billie Sunday Mars as a featured panelist for the #WholePersonActivationSeries! Billie’s journey to serve you began over 40 years ago when he was a 12-year-old artistic nerd whose father died 8yrs earlier, as a civilian, saving kids from a fire. When he was 16, he lost his mom to cancer (she was 55) and later lost his younger brother who at 37 alcoholically drank through, not one but two, kidney transplants. He later realized the fight she bravely lost wasn’t to cancer nor my brother’s to alcoholism or kidney failure. Those, like most diseases, diabetes (which my grandmother passed from), were just “symptoms”. They were all subconscious shadows of a traumatized Nervous System. Billie believes that all of today’s Race, Gender, Addiction, Social and Political Issues are also just symptoms. “There are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” ~ Thoreau. Performing & training in China and Japan Billie found the real issue we face is the inability of our system to deal with (di)stress, especially due to trauma. Also, as we age, our (Chi/libido) hormones and immune systems decline making it easier for people to gain weight, harder to lose it, to get sick, and harder to recover. His time in Asia provided Billie with understanding and discipline, a type of Spiritual Chivalry which married his studying the teachings of Jesus, Rumi, Buddha, Joseph Campbell & others while deeply honoring the Feminine & Divine Goddess. This he merged with relentless studies of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Polyvagal Theory, addiction, attachment/trauma, telomeres, psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology, nutrition & supplementation. Now at age 54, the most important thing he realizes is that if anything we learn is to be beneficial long term, (think New Year’s Resolutions), it must essentially be neurobiologically downloaded and constantly upgraded in our mind. Billie has learned to make this a FUN, playful & compassionate practice process you’ll love no matter what you’ve been through or will go through. This happens because you’re always learning about and to accept and understand YOUrself, who and how you’ve been, and why. Your mistakes and failures are fertilizer! They are not only welcomed, they’re recycled, transformed, (maybe cried about) but usually and eventually chuckled at (by you) as you realize it’s all a necessary part of your process. We uproot your psychological rocks and weeds then plant and nurture seeds that feed you as you grow younger and healthier (build muscle/lose fat/gain heart, spirit & soul). Best of all is when you do this in a growth-based partnership you’re in or are preparing for ~because for health, love & wealth you must become what you want to attract & retain. Billie is deeply honored by and committed to participating in your seeing and being better than your best for yourself and those you love!!

This is the face of the Shining Soul whose Profound Intentions and Global Networks of Connectivity have led to the Culmination of this #WholePersonActivationSeries! Tzadik HaNachash is a Global Visionary and Leader… You will notice his presence in many facets of the 10/10 Activation Event including Space Holding, Conscious Creativity sharing, and Panel Participation. Tzadik is Founder and Global Council Chair at Earth Walk, a global platform built to unite humanity, within a DIVERSE global culture of peace. In addition to Earth Walk and countless conscious events, Tzadik has served by creating systems for ongoing human and planetary transformation. Tzadik is a social change agent and active community member in the realms of personal, social, environmental, and integral health & wellness advocacy for over 17 years. He has been a leader in the local, national and global peace movements for the same amount of time, written up in publications such as UTNE Magazine, The New York Times, and other local and regional publications. Originally from Tucson, AZ, these days, you can find him touring the world, with his partner, in a 30-foot RV, bringing beautiful medicine to the world, or grounding in their nest in Boulder, Colorado, United States. We bear witness to Tzadik as an Authentic, Articulate Activist who fearlessly perseveres in pursuit of Global Peace and Unification! We celebrate him as a Magnificent Motivator of Many, a Conscious Cross-Cultural Connector, and a Sacred Seed Sower.

US Presidential Candidate Audrey Addison Williams is a woman of deep faith, fierce ambition, and is fueled by the pursuit of a better tomorrow. She believes that it is due time for us to turn the current political system upside-down and actively speaks in favor of the Independent National Convention which will catalyze grassroots movements to abolish the two-party system our country has currently submitted to. Her platform is one that promises a “healed nation and a forgiven world”. In her 2016 candidacy, she shared: “A major and radical re-adjustment is now underway bringing humanity back into balance. We have heard and are honoring the cries of Mother Earth to “STOP” the willful and reckless destruction of the Planet and Eco- System. Restoration, healing, forgiveness, and radical action is now being taken by millions of Awakened Souls who are here on this Planet to facilitate the shift.” Audrey is truly on fire with her Divine pursuits of creatively combatting the challenges of Declaring revolutionary Independence. In addition to her Presidential Candidacy, Audrey is the Founder and President of One World Rising, a community that celebrates diversity by supporting emerging young adult leaders in Africa through linking business enterprises, offering investment capital, and coaching.  Join us in celebrating the passionate, purposeful wholeness of Audrey Addison Williams!


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