Radical Equity Panel: Racial Justice, Police Brutality & Social Equity


This amazing panel discussion features Venus Jones, Audrey Addison Williams, Dustin Gilman-Stienstra, Simon Mont, and Wendy Silvers.


This amazing panel discussion features Venus Jones, Audrey Addison Williams, Dustin Gilman-Stienstra, Simon Mont, and Wendy Silvers.

  • Theo Wilson is a founding member of the Denver Slam Nuba team, who won the National Poetry Slam in 2011. He began his speaking career in the N.A.A.C.P. at the age of 15 and has always had a passion for social justice. He attended Florida A&M University, where he obtained his B.A. in Theater Performance. He returned to Denver and is now the Executive Director of Shop Talk Live, inc. The organization uses the barbershop as a staging ground for community dialogue and healing. After viral video success beginning in 2015, Theo grew his social media following to well over 68,000 people. Due to audience demand, he published his first book in 2017, “The Law of Action.” The book addresses some of the misconceptions about the law of attraction, and the role direct action plays in manifestation. It can be found on Amazon.com, or his website, TheoWilson.net. In 2017, his TED Talk entitled, “A Black Man Goes Undercover in the Alt-Right,” was seen worldwide, amassing a total of over 12 million views. He has been featured on BuzzFeed, CNN, Good Day Canada, and TV One.
  • US Presidential Candidate Audrey Addison Williams is a woman of deep faith, fierce ambition, and is fueled by the pursuit of a better tomorrow. She believes that it is due time for us to turn the current political system upside-down and actively speaks in favor of the Independent National Convention which will catalyze grassroots movements to abolish the two-party system our country has currently submitted to. Her platform is one that promises a “healed nation and a forgiven world”. In her 2016 candidacy, she shared: “A major and radical re-adjustment is now underway bringing humanity back into balance. We have heard and are honoring the cries of Mother Earth to “STOP” the willful and reckless destruction of the Planet and Eco- System. Restoration, healing, forgiveness, and radical action is now being taken by millions of Awakened Souls who are here on this Planet to facilitate the shift.” Audrey is truly on fire with her Divine pursuits of creatively combatting the challenges of Declaring revolutionary Independence. In addition to her Presidential Candidacy, Audrey is the Founder and President of One World Rising, a community that celebrates diversity by supporting emerging young adult leaders in Africa through linking business enterprises, offering investment capital, and coaching. Join us in celebrating the passionate, purposeful wholeness of Audrey Addison Williams!
  • Dustin Gilman-Stienstra is the executive director of Northern Arizona restorative justice (narj.org). He comes to the work of Restorative Justice with a passion to see offenders be given the opportunity to live a restored life by learning to repair the harm done to the victims of their misdeeds. He seeks to create a restoration of broken relationships and rebuild trust when harm happens in our communities. Dustin owns the Lion Within (thelionwithin.com) and is a teacher, consultant, and life coach, addressing recovery, mental health issues, mediation, and life transitions in the adult population. Dustin has co-written a holistic workbook for recovery, Reclaim Myself, available on Amazon. He has worked within the prison population as a GED instructor and facilitated college classes for inmates. He has seen the transformation of men, after their participation in spiritual development and education, be able to reintegrate into the community upon release. Dustin brings his rich background of experience to offer us his expertise to advance the mission of creating Restorative Justice in our communities. The need for Restorative Justice within our Nation is prolific and we are so grateful to Dustin for the grounded, life-changing work he offers in this field. He will offer vital perspectives to the Panel on “Racial Justice, Police Brutality & Social Equity” at the #WholePersonActivationSeries!
  • Simon Mont helps organizations heal, cohere, and co-create. During his time doing justice work as a school teacher, restorative justice facilitator, juvenile probation reform advocate, community organizer, and public defender he became aware of the many ways that we re-create toxic or oppressive social dynamics in our very attempt to transform them. Since then he has been helping organizations shed the skin of broken systems and find new ways of being, leading, and working together. His work ranges from creating shared leadership and participatory governance systems to transforming acute conflict, to increasing communities’ emotional resilience and ability to skillfully navigate the complexities of racism. He has been facilitating conversations about race, intersectionality, oppression, and power for over a decade. He has worked with organizations ranging from decentralized social movements, venture capital firms, femme-BIPOC healing collectives, and corporate nonprofits. Simon is an earth-based Jewish mystic, lawyer, yoga teacher, and energy healer. He also facilitates healing in one-on-one sessions and also in deeper containers specifically for men wrestling with developmental trauma and for white folks moving deeper into their power as anti-racists. For more information or to connect, please see www.SimonMont.com
  • Venus Jones is the host of Soulful Journey, where she interviews people who are good for the soul. She’s an associate professor, multi-talented writer, artist, and workshop facilitator, who has a mobile app full of poetic affirmations, that has been downloaded in 90 countries. She’s self-published three poetry books and four spoken word albums. Langston Hughes’s Family calls her, “Langston Hughes in the form of a black girl.” Her one-woman-show, “Poetic Soldier,” was dubbed, “Most Inspiring Solo Performance” at the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival in 2012. Her one-act play “Race and War: an awkward conversation” was featured at the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival.  She graduated from Mills College with honors and earned her MFA in Creative Writing. She currently resides in Santa Clara, California, and loves hugs from her best friend and husband of 20 years. She likes to make funny faces while dancing to funk and soul music and laughs at herself often. Visit www.venusjones.com for more info on how she can help you go from page to stage and spread more hope and healing.
  • Wendy Silvers is a sought-after Mama Wisdom Teacher, Spiritual Medium, Author, and Sacred Activist. For the past 18 years, her specialty has been helping moms find joy, purpose, and freedom while raising kids consciously. She believes that empowered mothers embracing their immense value as confident, healthy, influencers is the foundation of creating a compassionate, thriving society.Since her graduation in 2004 as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Therapist, Wendy co-created, Prayer As A Way Of Life prayer class, co-authored an international, best-selling book, Balance For Busy Moms, and founded the Million Mamas Movement, an organization devoted to establishing the sovereignty of mothers and ensuring that all mother and children thrive. She produces international prayer events, docu-series, town halls, screenings, and Health Freedom Rallies. Wendy braids her intuitive medium abilities, publicity and marketing skills, and nonviolent parenting education with New Thought principles to help people awaken spiritually and cultivate a life of peace, purpose, and prosperity.Wendy created and teaches the programs: Awaken Your Intuition, World Peace Begins at Home, The Awakened Mother, Ignite your Inner Dalai Mama, and hosts Mother’s Heart Meditations. She blogs for online sites and was a contributing blogger to Huffington Post. Wendy is affiliated with the Agape International Spiritual Center as an Agape Spiritual Counselor and soon to be licensed New Thought minister. Her book will be published in the Fall.

    Wendy has shared stages with Michael Beckwith, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Marianne Williamson, Panache Desai, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and other visionaries. She is available for Keynote speaking, Workshop presentations, and Group programs. Wendy is based in Los Angeles. Wendy’s commitment to bringing peace to our world through mothering is divinely inspired. Her ability to lead women through personal transformation will help heal the world. We welcome the Nurturing Mother energy of Wendy Silvers as an embodied panelist for the #WholePersonActivationSeries!


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