Tai Chi with Dr. Marissa Pei


If you missed your chance to experience tai chi with Dr. Marissa Pei live on 10-10 now you can experience it whenever you would like!


We celebrate Dr. Marissa Pei is an essential ingredient of the #WholePersonEventSeries! Dr. Marissa is overflowing with offerings that amplify human wholeness and happiness. Dr. Marissa is a Best-Selling Author, Talk Radio and TV Sensation, Life Balance Coach, Motivational Speaker, Explorer of Feelings, Organizational Psychologist, Global Thought Leader, and Miraculous example of living in full alignment with one’s gifts! She has been dubbed by many the ‘Asian Oprah’ and has tokened the tagline #Happy88 which describes the toolkit she offers to approach being Happy 88% of the time. Dr. Marissa believes in accessing World Peace through Inner Peace… Her wheels are in motion to continue propagating peace in diverse communities across the globe! You can find Dr. Marissa via her award-winning talk radio/TV show “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It: Get Happy with #drmarissa”!


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