Purchase Admission: Launching the 33-Day Journey to Freedom


In order to join us for this incredible event, you must purchase Universal Freedom Coins (UFC), which can then be used as tokens for entrance to any of our Freedom Transport vehicles taking people to the event. We are currently offering discounts for purchasing UFC early – the earlier you buy yours, the cheaper it will be! The number of UFC needed for participation as general admission or a VIP admission changes based on the date that you register. To register for the event you must agree to The Code for The Great Assembly. Once you agree to The Code and indicate what type of admission you desire, you will receive an email with the date of registration and an indication of whether you have registered for a General Admission or VIP Experience. The cost for the event, in UFC, is as follows:

General Admission/VIP Experience

Early Bird Prices: 11.11 UFC/33.33 UFC

After January 2nd: 22.22 UFC/55.55 UFC

After January 7th: 33.33 UFC/77.77 UFC

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VIP Event Ticket

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Ticket Type

General Admission, VIP Admission


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