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We are gearing up to launch our Global Wholeness School and Center. When that goes live, the membership level that you choose below will be applied to your benefits within that Global Wholeness School and Center. Those benefits will include attendance and participation in a whole host of events focused on cultivating your own wholeness, the wholeness within your relationships, and the wholeness within the world at large. These events and programs will include but are not limited to, yoga classes, meditation classes, nutrition classes, relational practices, dance, talks by global and local movement leaders, support groups, heart-based business training, coaching, and beyond.

This Global Wholeness School and Center will be a collaboration of many global organizations and businesses, dedicated to creating the best user experience we can possibly imagine.

As a global Integrative Spiritual Society, we believe membership should be available to everyone regardless of their financial situation. That said, there is no financial requirement to become a member. However, the donation you make as you become a member will help support us to manage and maintain the vehicles for freedom, peace, and love that we are currently creating, have been creating, and will continue to make.

Again, there is no need to buy your way into membership as a part of our global spiritual society, however, we do depend on your contributions to do the work that we are doing and to expand to be able to help many more. Please pick a level of membership that feels good to you in your heart AND SOUL, including our free “Ether Level Membership”. To see what each level includes, click here.

Our mission as a global organization is to create a global culture of peace and this Wholeness Center is being created as a vehicle to help support that process, both as individuals and as a collective. We thank you for your donation at whatever level you choose. Please choose the membership level below that feels right for you. When you click the “Subscribe” button you will be taken to a new page to complete your registration.

*If you have not already registered for our website you will be required to do so prior to subscribing. This is how your membership will be recorded, as well as how you will have access to member benefits such as chat forums.

Welcome, and thank you for your support!

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