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The term “Free Market” is thrown around and used in a way that we believe is not consistent with what a truly FREE Market is. The Indo-European root of the word “free” means “to love”. Therefore, to us, a Free Market is a LOVING Market – a win-for-all Market. It is a place where all are treated with love and respect – from the employers and employees to the customers, to the quality of the products and services. Everything that is a part of this Marketplace is in service to Love – in service to a world that works for all. That is a Free Market – where the most treasured commodity is love, and there is an extremely high value placed on it. Love is the cornerstone and foundation to all that occurs within this Market.

With love as the foundation for all of our affairs at the Freedom Marketplace, as the first step, we require all Members of this marketplace to take the Universal Freedom Pledge and the Health & Medical Freedom Pledge. Upon committing to these two Pledges we know that this business, entrepreneur, or organization is saying yes to playing the game of Freedom – the game designed for all to lovingly win. This gives us a strong foundation to operate upon and allows for infinite possibility. This also gives our customer base reassurance that the businesses who operate within this platform are committed to the same values of Freedom that they are and therefore can feel really good about supporting them.

The Freedom Marketplace will open its doors officially on April 22nd, 2022, with the conclusion of the 33-Day Journey to Freedom. If you would like to apply to become a Freedom Marketplace Member, as an entrepreneur, business, or organization to promote your freedom supporting products and services, please apply below. Because we are a Freedom Marketplace we negotiate membership fees with each entrepreneur, business, and/or organization individually. Some might receive scholarships, while others only pay commissions based on products and services they sell, while others pay membership dues based on what feels loving to them. This is about making this a loving experience for all. We are not here to make money, although we do want the money to lovingly flow. Once you turn in your application by signing the pledge one of our Team Members will reach out to you to learn more about your business, to see if in fact you qualify to be a Freedom Marketplace Member, and to discuss what a loving exchange would be for you and your business to lovingly participate in this Freedom Marketplace.

Freedom Coins are the only currency recognized within the Freedom Marketplace. These are coins that Members earn upon participation in any of the Earth Walk and/or Universal Freedom Alliance programs and/or events. The first opportunity to do so is by creating your own Journey to Freedom and raising funds for your journey. To find out more click here.

Currently, the Freedom Coins are equivalent in value to one U.S. Dollar.

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