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Whole Person Events originally launched in late summer, 2020 with the idea of producing a series of worldwide summits. The purpose and vision of our Whole Person Summits is to offer a taste of what the world could look like when we choose to honor all our parts when engaging in a topic of conversation or intended field of focus. Each Summit has a topic; this year we chose to address the isolation, division and polarization that is so alive in our world, while focusing on ways to transform the pain into love and compassion. The Building Bridges Beyond Barriers series took place over 3 months, with resounding success. Earth Walk successfully brought together people of all walks of life from around the globe, and the series served as a living launchpad of much greatness to come.

There are many ways to still experience these events, from viewing various free recordings of previous live videos such as the ones below, to purchasing some incredible content in the form of roundtable discussion videos featuring leaders in their fields. Our Whole Person Events team is already working on our next series, and we promise it will not disappoint. Be sure to follow Earth Walk on social media, and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you do not miss any announcements. If you are interested in performing, speaking, sponsoring, or becoming involved with upcoming events in some other way, please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly. We look forward to coming together with you!  

The Journey Through the Realms – DAY ONE

DAY THREE of TWELVE DAY journey through the Whole Person Convergence

This is the first day of taking people on the more intimate journey through the Realms of the 12 Sectors of Society, as spelled out by Barbara Marx Hubbard in her Wheel of Co-Creation. We will be journeying through the realms, starting today, and ending Friday (6 days – 12 realms). Today we will start with the Realm of Relations & Peacebuilding, then move onto Justice & Protection. We will be interviewing luminaries from around the world on these topics. Join us!

whole person convergence


Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard and final close to our 12 days of coming together as one tribe, twelve realms, and infinite contributions of self.



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