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Peter Bedard

You know how impossible it seems to heal at times? How some people live in fear of never being able to heal their pain and end up relying on drugs and surgery to survive? Well, Peter has healed himself of everything from chronic anxiety to arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, depression, sciatica, and he’s died before and come back to a body wracked in pain, a mind trapped in fear, and a spirit broken. He’s healed from all this and more and he can help you to do the same.

Peter is a consultant at the Huberman Lab at Stanford University and he has a MA in Consciousness Studies. He has helped thousands of people heal. Through his expertise working with anxiety, addiction, and pain (physical, emotional, spiritual) Peter has developed a tried and true process for creating your own path to wellness, Convergence Healing, and he can help you (www.ConvergenceHealing.com). Throughout his personal healing process Peter discovered the power of holistic therapies.

With this understanding he has created a thriving one-on-one private practice, workshops, and talks. He teaches around the world and he has an online healing tea store, Convergence Healing Teas, that is filled with delicious healing tea blends that take advantage of the traditional healing qualities Mother Nature has for us through roots, barks, leaves, flowers, spices, herbs, and teas. This is yet another way that Peter brings wellness to people. His lovingly crafted teas can be found at www.ConvergenceHealingTeas.com.

You can also find Peter’s book, “Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love” published by Enliven Books/Simon & Schuster on Amazon, Kindle, Audible, iTunes, Indie Bound, iBooks, etc. and at your neighborhood bookstore. Peter’s second book, “How to Turn Your Pain into Your Gain” is due for release soon. His third book, “Cultivating Joy When Happiness is Work, A 30 Day Guide for Healing Sadness” is currently being shopped to publishers.







Russell Feingold

Russell Feingold is a respected and renowned Earth-honoring ceremonialist, shamanic sound healer, and author who has dedicated the past 25 years to the pursuit, study, and practice of the healing arts. His pursuit of truth and natural healing ultimately led him into the potent and magical world of Peruvian Shamanism. It was here that his heart felt at home, as he was initiated into the life-long study of these sacred ways by internationally acclaimed shamanic teacher Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo — respected Kamasqa Curandero and Altomisayoq adept.

Russell furthered his “education” under the guidance of Maestro Curandero Ricardo Amaringo, a revered ceremonialist and Shipibo shaman, in which he completed a rigorous apprenticeship in the Shipibo lineage of Amazonian plant medicine at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual. Russell is also the founder of Heart Wisdom and The Fellowship of Vine, which are devoted to restoring safety and sacredness back into the heart of humanity, as we “restore the sacred trust between our humanity and the natural world” (~ Don Oscar). Recognized for bringing some of the most powerful ceremonial and transformational work to the transformational community,, Russell’s work seeks to honor the integrity of these indigenous cultures and traditions while serving as a bridge to make them accessible to those who are called, without diluting the inherent potency of these sacred medicines and practices.

He is also the author of Heart Wisdom, and has recently released his first solo flute album aptly entitled Savor Eternity. More important than all his credentials, however, is the fact that Russell is a loving human being who deeply cares about people and Pachamama — Mother Earth — and all her creatures. He is a master at nurturing community using the gifts of humor, insight, and compassion, as he impeccably and magically weaves a safe and sacred space so that hearts, bodies, minds and souls can be healed to further the evolution of our earth-bound tribe towards peace, unity, and wellbeing.

For more information on his upcoming Shamanic Training Program, Living Shamanic Magic – How to tend to the fire of Shamanic Magic and integrate it into our everyday lives: www.heartwisdommedicine.com

For Russell’s solo flute album: https://russellfeingold.bandcamp.com/album/savor-eternity

Joshua Hathaway

Nobody who comes near this fire can stay cool for long. You were not meant merely to gather the light of others, but to shine your own effortless brilliance. In order to do that, you must be willing to burn. A founding sovereign of the RisingKingsMovement.com, tongue fu master at MasterYourBullshit.com, and carrier of the transmission of Awakening through Intimacy, Joshua Hathaway M.A. is devoted to the (R)Evolution of humanity as we harmonize at higher frequencies of coherence and birth a New Earth. Joshua is a dynamic coach and public speaker, able to gently and humorously dismantle people’s Bullshit, deliver practical skill-building tools, and facilitate experiences that bring home the power and value of connection.

V.Lynn Hawkins

V. Lynn Hawkins is a certified business acceleration coach and consultant, working with health, nutrition and alternative medicine practitioners to design and implement digital strategies increasing their visibility to reach more of those who need and are searching for them. She is CEO/Founder of the P3 Academy Business Design & Development, a health and plant-based lifestyle advocate, a certified hypnotherapist, and an intuitive women’s wisdom circle leader.

VLynn is a partner with Hippocrates Docs, a global health advocacy group, whose mission is educating and empowering people on the journey to optimal health, reversing chronic illnesses and disease. She shares the message about integrating with the power of nature, a plant foods lifestyle and “Using Food as Medicine,” changing lives with a “Just 1 Thing [at a time] 4 Health” approach to attaining optimal wellness; physically, spiritually and mentally.

As an empath, coach, author, speaker and a champion of growing women entrepreneurs and their businesses, VLynn helps women overcome underearning and is often caught saying “when you earn more revenue, you can do more good in the world!” She believes in creating a living legacy through your work.

VLynn’s private Facebook “Healthpreneurs UFAM IMPACT Group” is a growing community of those in service sharing the message about Using Food As Medicine, while creating and growing legacy businesses and adding to the ripple effect of holistic change for peace, love, joy and prosperity around the world. Connect with VLynn on social media:

Website: http://p3academy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/v.lynn.hawkins

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlynnhawkins/

Instagram: @vlynn_p3healthpreneurs

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/vlynnhawkins

LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/p3academy

Elizabeth Herald

Pure Water flowing through the lakes and rivers in the world’s high mountains has been a beacon for Elizabeth Herald since early childhood. The great gift of being nourished by one of the Sacred Water Hearts of the World, Da ow aga (Lake Tahoe) has defined and guided her life’s journey.

Professionally, Elizabeth has worked in film, video, and visual media production for many years. However, having witnessed a great crisis of degradation in Watersheds all around the planet, she’s now committed to being a voice for the vital sanctity of Water. As the co-founder of Loving Waters, a global community of Water Stewards her purpose is to entice humanity into remembrance of our sacred relationship to Our Essential Source Water.

She endeavors to inspire whole-system transformation with such initiatives as the Water First Pledge, World Water Law, Great Planetary Water Cleanup and Watershed Wisdom Centers, and recently working to support Amazonia. Come, take a deep dive into the Core Wisdom of Water as we delve into this mystery from several perspectives seeking to significantly shift and evolve our relationship with Water and thus All Life born and nurtured by this ~ our primary common bond.

Anistara Ma Ka

Anistara Ma Ka (A.K.A Kandice Korves-Kaus): Founder of 11.11 Unify and the 11.11 commUNITY Network, an “Awakened Leader”, commUNITY builder, Visionary Pioneer, Innovative Inventor, Transdimensional BEing, Author, Teacher, Wife and Mother. She is passionate about gathering commUNITY close, to co-create sacred circles, ceremonies and rituals that are both potent and impactful. She has been creating, hosting and leading sacred circle ceremonies for over 3 decades.

As an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church, she is certified and excited to offer inspiring, empowering and transformational ceremonial experiences to her commUNITY and the world! Her life’s mission and purpose is to step into her Awakened Leadership role, and lead the way on our collective path of humanity’s ascension!

Activating and leading our Great Awakening, sharing and leading by example. She envisions creating bridges from our 3-D “reality’ to our future earth 5-D experience, by elevating the frequency of our Mothership eARTh. Bringing communities together to co-create conscious and sustainable solutions that are supportive in (wo)manifesting our Future Earth Vision!


Markabadi is a wellbeing specialist, focused on creating space for advancing personal excellence and wellness. He is a Holistic Somatic Therapist, Spiritual Life Coach, Event Producer, Meditation teacher and Author.

As a public speaker Markabadi has lectured across the globe in the science of energy medicine and the quantum consciousness of wellbeing, teaching and coaching 1000s.

He’s been lead producer on many large (and smaller) in person (and online) festivals, conferences and gatherings. He is a ‘scaler’ and a diligent multitasker, managing multiple diverse teams to coordinate the synergised symphony of the creative process.   

His current passion is in empowering social permaculture and systems change at every level. He is a dedicated sacred space holder for the greatest transition of Human evolution towards courage, compassion, collaboration and community.

He’s currently living in the Bay Area, California, USA

In The Beginning:

Markabadi was born and raised in Manchester, England. After a chance meeting with a spiritual teacher at age 14, Mark began his inner exploration through meditation and philosophical investigation. He went on to red two degrees in Psychology focusing on health as well as multiple diplomas in Holistic and complementary medicine.

Early Work:

While studying Psychology, Markabadi observed a gap in the curriculum, the holistic nature of being was missing. Applying research techniques he dove into the study of complementary holistic therapy techniques, including reflexology, nutrition, aromatherapy and deep tissue massage. Markabadi joined a research institute exploring the physics of energy medicine. Working with this center he travelled to India and began presenting at scientific conferences across the globe. Markabadi hosted conferences and workshops in Singapore, South Africa and USA. He spent 10 years researching the electromagnetic nature of wellbeing. Around the same time he also began teaching meditation and spiritual life coaching.

Along the way he realised his ability to disseminate intricate theory in a fun, entertaining and creative way. He is a born stage performer, making the complex simple and exciting. His passion for the truth and reality comes through in his live performances and now his writings. Having lectured at international conferences on energy medicine and holistic integrated health, he was invited to host several conferences and teach on the new module in Energy Medicine, part of the Masters in Wellness at RMIT University in Australia.

Therapy Practice:

Markabadi also developed a unique integrative holistic platform called Psychapressure, providing space for people to shift their non-serving habit patterns. This is an interactive journey into the person’s pain to allow them to ‘burn in the fires of change’. Its principles include: there is nothing to fix, simple self acceptance, honoring your emotions and surrendering to the truth of who you are. You can find out more about this on the Somatic Therapy Massage page

In 2008 Markabadi began to collate his research on Science, Spirituality and Self.  He’s an expert on the interactive nature of the body’s energy systems and at maximising change through a multileveled therapy practice. With a great interest in how space resonates with Human health, happiness and wellbeing. In November 2012 after many years of working, Markabadi published his first book ‘evolve’. “It was difficult”, says Markabadi, “to know what to leave out. I have so much to share and I’m realising more and more daily. Evolve is a handbook for well being, it embodies the principles of complete happiness, freeing people from the thoughts of who they should be, so that they can be themselves!” – Take a look inside his book

In 2014 Markabadi moved to California, United States to connect with community and build structures to support and serve wellbeing. He has been involved deeply in event production and continues to bring people together around the common goal of community support and service. He produced 5000 person Yoga festivals as well as small 500 person gatherings. He ran social and environmental justice campaigns for non profits, as well as cultural festivals and online conferences.

In 2020 Markabadi began a live online interview show exploring the effects of COVID on luminaries and wisdom keepers. He conducted over 100 1hr interviews. While conducting these interviews he further realized the benefits of how enquiry serves to offer a healing space for people. Remembering the key Carl Jung said “The greatest gift we can give anyone is the space to be heard”.

Jonah Martin Lion

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Jack Palis

Jack Palis is a sustainability engineer and believes creating life-sustaining society improves the quality of living for people and communities today while assuring that the world’s resources are protected and available for future generations.

He brings together problem-solving techniques from traditional business with a wholeness of thinking to create new realms of living that serve everyone – the new Civil Engineering – while assuring the health of the planet – today’s Environmental Health Engineering.  While his business partners are diverse, they share one thing in common: a commitment to creating sustainable ways of living that supports all people, the planet and prosperity today, lasting for generations.

Prior to starting Rising Tide LAB, Jack worked on the front lines of key environmental sustainability issues, from providing clean drinking water to cleaning up high profile toxic sites to repurposing contaminated properties.  He saw that his work needed to scale in size and new dimensions.

Those committed to this life-sustaining future rely on his expertise in societal and environmental engineering, risk awareness, and human elements to analyze and develop innovative strategies that address unique, often complex issues, risks and challenges in creating new ways for human societies to live and thrive into the future.

An accomplished civil and environmental health engineer and business advisor, Jack’s innate enthusiasm for sustainability keep possibilities fresh and his solutions as simple and safe as possible.


Jon Ramer

Jon Eliot Ramer is an entrepreneur, civic leader, inventor, and musician. He is a co-founder of several collaborative technology companies including ELF Technologies, Inc., whose main solution, Serengeti, connects over 7000 law firms with their clients and was purchased by Thomson Reuters. The designer, author, and co-founder of several Deep Social Networks, he launched the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities, that led the effort to make Seattle the first city in the world to affirm Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion. As a result, there are over 450 similar Compassionate Community Campaigns around the world.

In 2012, Ramer conceived of and produced the “Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest” in response to a challenge from the mayor of Louisville, Kentucky to other cities to outdo Louisville’s compassionate action as measured by hours of community service and people served. Over 18 million people have been served as part of the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest.

In 2018, Ramer formed the SINE Alliance and Network. SINE (Synergized Impact Network Exchange) is a global collaboration that fuels collective empowerment. The SINE syndicated network and social change engine amplify the positive impact of the alliance member’s initiatives. SINE demonstrates how co-management and collective capacity building can uplevel and amplify social change initiatives and their outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

Ramer serves on the Advisory Board of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development; a UNESCO Research Center based in New Delhi, and organizer of the International Youth Campaign for Kindness for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ramer serves as Chief Technology Officer at Four Worlds International Institute, focusing on the International Treaty To Protect and Restore the Sacred, signed by over fifty different tribes throughout North America.

Ramer is also the songwriter and lead guitarist in the band Once And For All.

Wendy Silvers

Wendy Silvers is a sought-after Mama Wisdom Teacher, Spiritual Medium, Author and Sacred Activist. For the past 18 years, her specialty has been helping moms find joy, purpose and freedom while raising kids consciously. She believes that empowered mothers embracing their immense value as confident, healthy, influencers is the foundation of creating a compassionate, thriving society.

Since her graduation in 2004 as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Therapist, Wendy co-created, Prayer As A Way Of Life prayer class, co-authored an international, best-selling book, Balance For Busy Moms, and founded the Million Mamas Movement, an organization devoted to establishing the sovereignty of mothers and ensuring that all mother and children thrive. She produces international prayer events, docu-series, town halls, screenings and Health Freedom Rallies.

Wendy braids her intuitive medium abilities, publicity and marketing skills, and nonviolent parenting education with New Thought principles to help people awaken spiritually and cultivate a life of peace, purpose and prosperity.

Wendy created and teaches the programs: Awaken Your Intuition, World Peace Begins at Home, The Awakened Mother, Ignite your Inner Dalai Mama, and hosts Mother’s Heart Meditations. She blogs for online sites and was a contributing blogger to Huffington Post. Wendy is affiliated with the Agape International Spiritual Center as an Agape Spiritual Counselor and soon to be licensed New Thought minister. Her book will be published in the Fall.

Wendy has shared stages with Michael Beckwith, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Marianne Williamson, Panache Desai, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and other visionaries. She is available for Keynote speaking, Workshop presentations and Group programs. Wendy is based in Los Angeles.

Becky Suzik

After 20+ years in traditional old-story marketing and running her own small PR shop, Becky Suzik erupted out of her head, flowed into her heart towards reimagining what fortified writing, storytelling and communications might look like in media and communications.

Becky’s sacred work—in addition to being raised by her three children– is Joyfuel—a mixed-media unforce dedicated to spreading stories of kindness, creativity, and joy through the Joyfuel Kindcast, social media, and heART-themed playshops. Her work aspires to inspire a shift from dominating logical mind, to heartmind, where logic and feelings combine towards living a life filled with greater joy and creative expression while expressing and safely allowing the pain of being human.

Through affiliations with people and companies dedicated to uplifting and healing humanity and earth, Becky endeavors to explore how she might contribute her experience and time generously as a gift, without depending the transactional nature of “employment”. Experimenting in gift economy spectrum for 8 years has extended her work as an expression of love for clients and individuals while letting go of how much or even if she will receive monetary compensation. These unusual experiments have led her to discover the greatest currency of all, the currency of human community, deep connections between people who want to care for each other and value our gifts.

Becky and Joyfuel can be found at www.joyfuel.org .

Listen/watch the Kindcast at https://tinyurl.com/ydcs5s5l  and support the work through www.patreon.com/joyfuel

Ellen Albertson

Dr. Ellen Albertson is a PhD Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Reiki Master and Mindful Self-compassion Teacher. She’s known as The Midlife Whisperer™, who empowers women to get unstuck and find the confidence, energy and clarity to make their next chapter their best chapter. She’s an inspirational speaker and expert on women’s health and wellbeing. Dr. Ellen has appeared on Extra, the Food Network and NBC World News and has been quoted in Psychology Today, Eating Well and USA Today. She is the author of four books and has written articles for SELF, Better Homes & Gardens and Good Housekeeping, among many other notable accomplishments. Bringing over 25 years of counseling, coaching, and healing experience to her holistic practice and transformational work, her specialty today focuses on empowering women at midlife to overcome the challenges of life and thrive.

Email: Ellen@DrEllenAlbertson.com

Website: https://drellenalbertson.com/

Eden Amadora

Eden Amadora is a speaker, coach, mentor, and spiritual guide. She is a featured author in The New Feminine Evolutionary, Sacred Body Wisdom and Divine Reunion. She is an ordained priestess, an archetypal channel, a mystic and a muse.

After 20 years of yogic and shamanic training, Eden was led to finding her heart at home in the Divine Feminine mysteries and the 13 Moon Mystery School. She is now an Ordained Priestess who Focalizes priestess trainings and serves as an ecstatic embodiment guide, and an initiator in catalyzing the remembrance of other’s authentic essence and fully embodied expression.

Eden serves the great awakening on Earth by uplifting, inspiring and supporting all to return to the center of their own true beauty to fully embrace themselves as nothing less than unique and precious embodiments of the Divine. This is the radiant heart of her successful trainings.

Her clients acknowledge and praise her as, “One of the most extraordinary facilitators in the arenas of archetypal embodiment and sound and movement.” She is highly regarded as a pure and seasoned “presence of transforming love” and raises a uniquely effective call to awaken our authentic selves and sets a high standard for men and women to show up in all of their sacred power and balanced wholeness, fully-embodied and aligned with their heart essence and soul wisdom.

Eden offers a profoundly safe and sacred space as a spiritual guide on this journey of awakening through the Sun Heart Initiations, the 13 Moon Priestess Initiation Circles, retreats, self-development training and private and group mentoring for women on the priestess path and men on their journey of soulful mastery.


Katarina Amadora

Katarina is a Holistic Health and Intimacy Coach who works with Mind, Body and Spirit to help her clients transform their health as well as their relationships. Although originally trained as a western MD at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, she now recognizes the profound interdependence of Mind, Body and Spirit in the pathophysiology of disease, as well as how these factors can be harnessed to enable people to heal themselves.

Katarina believes that true healing requires a holistic approach which integrates Mind, Body and Spirit. She utilizes RTT hypnotherapy to help her clients understand the role their beliefs and experiences play in their lives, and how they may have led to illness or other maladaptive patterns and behaviors. Through RTT, it is possible to command the body to heal itself as well as re-pattern disruptive and harmful thought patterns. As a Certified WildFit Coach, Katarina helps her clients to achieve lasting change by transforming their diet and their relationship with food, which addresses the underlying causes of disease.

She is passionate about working with couples to transform their intimate relationships using a combination of hypnotherapy and Tantra. She offers an immersive weekend experience which is designed to help her clients take their relationship and their sensual connection to the next level. Katarina is a 6-time International Bestselling author in the Ignite Series and has founded an Online Intentional Community called Sanctuary which provides an ongoing source for community and emotional support during these transformative times. She leads a variety of group events as well as coaching private clients and conduction hypnotherapy session over zoom or in person. She would love to help you achieve a lasting transformation in your life. Please contact her for a complementary consultation.


Dara Barlin

Dara Barlin, Founder of DARE Consulting Dara is a shameless instigator for positive change. She has over two decades of experience organizing action-driven campaigns for positive change, conducting research to inform policy, and facilitating trust-building conversations. Her research has been featured at the United Nations, U.S. Congress, Institute for Public Policy Research, Harvard Education Letter, and several other outlets.

Her organizing campaigns have been touted as outstanding models by White House and State Department leaders. And she has been called one of the best bi-partisan facilitators in the business because of her ability to move politicians and activists beyond their differences to focus on solutions.

In 2012, her global peace-building campaign, A Big Project, helped to build trust and develop a common blueprint for positive change across 97 countries. More recently, in response to the mental health crisis spurred on by COVID, Dara initiated the Quaranteam Games, which brings more effective communication skills to households around the world through fun family activities at home.

Dara has a Masters with honors in Public Policy from the London School of Economics, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Barnard College. 

Brenda T. Bradley

Dr. Brenda T. Bradley is a former US Air Force service member, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach, and holds a PhD in Organization & Management. Her passion about health and wellness comes from her own journey of obesity and illness into health. She shares how she learned to see and be with food in a new way and choosing to do it in secret to prove it worked.

Dr. Bradley credits living a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle for living a thriving healthy life today. She coaches hundreds of people on their journey from illness to health through a heart-centered process of creating a healthier outlook and relationship with food. Dr. Bradley speaks on stages around the globe sharing her message of health, permanent weight loss, improving the immune system and the eliminating the toxic foods that cause illness. She’s written 2 vegan cookbooks and an interactive self-care journal called BUTTERFLY.

From kids to the elderly, Dr. Bradley shows her clients they can make the changes needed to dramatically improve their health.

Email: Brenda@drbtbradley.com

Website: http://www.drbtbradley.com/

Zenka Caro

Zenka Caro is a futurist and social engineer. She specializes in designing self organizing software systems which can move us from the Information Age into the Wisdom Age. She is an advocate for free tools and “plumbing” which can accelerate and cushion our current, mass shift in consciousness.  Zenka is a specialist in augmented reality, data visualization, and consciousness. She consults, speaks at conferences, and prototypes systems including; The Global Awakening Tracker (a system to quantify the global renaissance), Exo Metaverse (a citizen science project to encourage contact with non-human intelligence), Triple Smart Labs (a hardware share lab in Argentina), and The Passion Based Economy (a game and abundance engine to fund civilization redesign). 

Website: https://www.zenka.org

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hellozenka

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zenka

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellozenka

Scott Catamas

Scott had a very successful career as a writer, director and producer of Educational Programming, where he won multiple Emmy Awards and reached millions of people through his productions. Scott worked with many leaders In the New Thought Field, including Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, etc. Scott was so impressed with the transformational power of these tools that he shifted in to being a full time Life Coach & Teacher.     

Since 2007, Scott has facilitated over 1,000 classes, events & workshops AND has personally coached over 350 individuals, couples, families and small businesses throughout the U.S., Europe & Asia. Scott always adapts his events to the specific needs and interests of those in attendance.   In November of 2011, Scott experienced a big life change when his Beloved wife died of a massive brain tumor.  Scott has dedicated the rest of his life to supporting people to enjoy life and love to the fullest.  In 2012 he created The Love Coach Academy which trains other relationship coaches through online classes.  We have put together a vast and an ever growing online library of relationship videos.

When the Pandemic hit, Scott immediately put together a full slate of free online programs with his Senior Love Coaches.  He is also partnered with longtime friend Debra Giusti to create “SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE for THE GLOBAL PEACE TRIBE”, a wildly popular online inspirational variety show that currently reaches 50,000 people per week worldwide.  Through The Love Coach Academy, there are currently a dozen weekly online shows happening supporting people through the challenges of this time in history.

 He lives in Northern California, more info at www.LoveCoachScott.com

Christian de la Huerta

With 30 years of experience, Christian de la Huerta is a sought-after spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community. He has traveled the world offering inspiring and transformational retreats combining psychological and spiritual teachings with lasting and life-changing effects. An award-winning, critically acclaimed author, he has spoken at numerous universities and conferences and on the TedX stage. His new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, was described by multiple Grammy Award–winner Gloria Estefan as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions.”  More information about his work may be found at www.SoulfulPower.com.

Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is a speaker and writer focusing on themes of human culture and identity. He is the author of several books, including Sacred Economics, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, and Climate: A New Story.

His background includes a degree in mathematics and philosophy from Yale, a decade in Taiwan as a translator, and stints as a college instructor, a yoga teacher, and a construction worker. He currently writes, speaks, and teaches courses online, in addition to being a husband and father to four sons. 

Amma Li Grace

Amma Li is an artist and explorer of the human psyche. Synthesizing 13 years of experience with Western Astrology and the Gene Keys with her practice and study in the fields of Voice Dialogue, Cosmometry, and Jungian psychology, she offers innovative approaches to awakening consciousness.

Amma Li applies her whole-systems mind and love for the ‘theater of life’ to the internal world of the Self, supporting people to cultivate conscious relationships with their inner archetypal landscape and become conductors of their personal reality. In her experience, the path of individuation is a creative process, and she engages her work and life accordingly, with soul, play, depth, tenderness, and space to allow the mysteries of life to emerge.

Orit Heartlight

Orit Heartlight is a lover of life, whose mission in this incarnation is to share that love, and spread her heart-light as far as she can. The tools she uses to accomplish her mission are: teaching the shamanic way of being in life to those who are called to the path, and applying shamanic healing modalities in her work with clients. She also employs CranioSacral Therapy techniques which she has been studying for over 16 years, as well as intuitive guidance to help her clients to tap into their own inner wisdom and higher guidance. 🙏🏾💜🙏🏾

Fallon Hill

Fallon Hill is passionate about healing and social justice. From a very young age she was aware of the disparities and polarities at the societal level. As a philosophy major, and world traveler she immersed herself in many cultures which brought ancient knowledge, balance and healing to her own journey through her love of humanity and the planet and protecting its most vulnerable beings.

Certified in nine holistic modalities she expanded her practice and two passions into a non profit in 2017 called Healers for Humanity Foundation which functions similar to a holistic Doctors Without Borders. In 2019, the team began to launch a sister organization. H4H an online wellness marketplace which brings affordable and revolutionary holistic tele-heath and learning to a global audience in early 2021. 

Fallon currently resides in California with her dogs.  As an activist, first responder, animal rescuer, healer and steward of the New Earth; she is deeply committed to her soul purpose and the collective mission to heal humanity and the collective consciousness in order to bring balance and harmony to all of Earth. 

Travis Huntley

Travis (Natural) Huntley is an Emissary of Love. Shortly after awakening in 2006, Travis chose to leave Clarion University for a path he felt could impact more people. He began a path dedicated to self-empowering and educating himself that continues to this day. Throughout his studies, Travis realized it would be best for his inner development to live a plant-based lifestyle. He began to focus on Peace Love Unity, a movement which he has now been nurturing for over ten years. Which is a global humanitarian solution-based initiative to unify all of humanity with love beyond condition and knowledge of self-awareness being the guiding force.

Through Travis’s journey through self-expansion he came to the realization that he enjoys utilizing his gifts of intuitive guidance and healing to assist in the alignment of mind, body, soul, emotions and actions, and the activation of one’s highest potential. In 2012, this realization inspired him to give up his thriving barbecue business & travel, including to Jamaica & Peru.

During his travels, he wrote. While in the Amazon rainforest he was guided to compile his poems and writings and had them published as a book entitled, I Remembered: I Am Eternally Divine.

Michaelah Ivie

Michaelah Ivie is a RelationSHIFT coach who works with men, women and couples to unleash their confidence and take control of life through awakened awareness, embodied empowerment, and newfound inspiration.  

Michaelah holds two Master’s degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy. In 2020, she completed an extensive Love, Sex, and Relationship Coaching Program from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson brings a wealth of skills and knowledge to the Earth Walk team. He has extensive program and project management experience used within his 30-year career in energy efficiency and sustainability consulting. This includes a focus on microgrids and distributed energy planning for potential small communities and eco-villages.

He is also the founder and Nature-Connected Coach of BEC, empowers people to discover their strength, joy, and productivity in life. Along the way, people will increase their self-acceptance and find balance by including fun as a component of their regular schedule.

He is certified in Wilderness Therapy and Transformational Guiding and has a lifetime of experience to draw upon, including his own path. His personal experience allows him to relate to the challenges people face and guide them through their own healing process.

In addition, he is a Restorative Justice facilitator and has trained in the traditional Usui method of Reiki Energy.

Weblink: https://balancedearthcreative.com/.

MiraKle King

Over 22 years ago, Mirakle awakened to the enlightened heart sovereign path when he returned from a “Near Death Experience (NDE), eternal life review” pacific ocean drowning experience. The divine message received was simple, “Serve Planet Earth by assisting Humanity to Consciously Shift into their Fullest Potential.”

Since that original NDE moment, he has journeyed & studied with various masters (seen & unseen) in over 50 countries, been reborn via six more NDE’s, and facilitated individual & group life-transforming events in 13 countries with his global ministry, DivineJoy.org  

MiraKle King is a new paradigm visionary and omni-centralised thought leader. For the past two decades, he has been encouraging self-governing systems to come into existence. He has traveled to many continents around the world to be inspired by & to co-create global alliances with Damanhur, Rednoya, Lyceum and Findhorn to name just a few established eco-resilient communities.

In 2005, He was invited by President James O’Dea to be part of a visionary ‘next-gen X’ leadership council at IONS Novato, CA (founded by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell) to inspire deep inter-generational shifts with the Baby Boomer Generation to make fundamental changes to move beyond, “Hospicing a dying consumer-based technocratic culture and transition completely into mid-wifing a new eco-resilient unified earth.”

In late 2007, He was the first American to be invited to meet the author of the internationally acclaimed Anastasia/Ringing Cedar Series books, Vladimir Megre & his core community in Russia. After this well-documented meeting & interview by Russia Today TV, He and his cinematography crew took a handheld HD camera and filmed over 44 hours of footage in 8 weeks touring Russia from Anastasia Inspired Eco-villages, Ancient Dolmens, Native Indigenous Siberian Tribes, Sacred Sites and eventually spending a week at the Lyceum Children School near the Russian Black Sea. They eventually released a documentary film about their experiences in Russia in 2009 entitled, ‘New Earth Destiny’.

After a recent year sabbatical traveling the world again in 2018-19, Mirakle and the Kamuniversity Institute core faculty are now cultivating the Coherent Living Model (CLM) & co-activating the ‘Unified Earth Timeline’, with an educational, omni-centralised, scaleable project entitled, “KA’MUniversity 2.2”.  

The project’s main mission is to develop congruent self-organising systems to be implemented that allow for an optimal wholistic unified curriculum. The CLM is specifically meant to support multiple future Human Generations to thrive in harmony with the natural world & move beyond sustainability.

Mirakle is the Imaginal Cell holder of the KA’MUniversity Institute Vision, Tibetan Sound Medicine Healer, BreathLight Founder, DivineJoy Counselor, MU Starz Jewelry Designer and New Earth Destiny Doc. Film Maker. Since the inception of his DivineJoy.org Global Ministry in 2003, He has led and co-facilitated life-affirming events all over America and the islands of Hawai’i. He has led certification trainings, seminars, symposiums, ceremonies & intensive retreats internationally in Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Bali, Japan, Hong Kong, & Singapore.

Mirakle has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design (UC DAVIS), is a Certified Sampoorna Hatha Yoga Master and Ecstatic Dance Music DJ known as MuRa Kin.

He also enjoys playing music, contact movement, permaculture gardening, cooking, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, ultimate frisbee, football (soccer) and loves the great earth outdoors.

Toto (Torsten) Kremser

Co-host of the real TV series THRIVORS – 21 Days from Survivor to Thrivor and Captain Joy of the Story of Unconditional Love Circus – a caravan of active citizens furthering the cause of peace on earth by 2030. Toto is a German born Global Citizen and digital nomad with an African heartbeat, having also started the NPO – A Better World starts with a Better Me – an edu-care foundation supporting over 400 children and their families in Kenya. He’s also a transformational coach, retreat facilitator and head of magic infusion at the Secret Sunrise movement.






Kelly Krezek

As Founder and CEO of New Earth Now in San Diego, CA, Kelly Krezek specializes in creating environments that allow humanity to thrive and live harmoniously with nature, each other, and the planet. She uses permaculture principles to create homes with renewable energy, clean water, food forests, recycled and low-consumption water systems, zero-waste systems, and regenerative materials that will last hundreds of years.

Kelly Krezek is a Developer and Consultant for regenerative and sustainable communities and cities. She has over 8 years of experience in business development, project management, finance, real estate investing, residential remodeling, and sustainability consulting. She has expanded her network to include connections in alternative economic and governance models, clean and efficient transportation, holistic health care, and experiential education systems that integrate individual expression and personal development.

Through traveling to over 20 eco-communities across 6 countries and 3 continents, she gained a broad perspective of the best cutting-edge sustainable practices and technologies with the desire to bring these methodologies to more areas where they are most needed combined with advanced technology and modern luxury. During this time, close partnerships were developed with many founders of eco-resorts and communities.

Kelly has consulted many green projects including eco-smart city plans, sustainable retreat center developments, community and building design, project management, and team building in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand. She is also working with The Venus Project for the Center for Resource Management, which will include futuristic regenerative city design and a resource-based economic model.

Grant Lane

Grant Lane is President of Emerald Horizons LLC, a health and sustainability focused consulting business that is currently engaged in Hemp Logistics, EcoVillage Design, Superfood Plant Medicines, Solar Greenhouse Sales, and Film Production to promote higher consciousness education and community prosperity. Grant is also an author having written a number of groundbreaking books in Health, History, Politics/Finance, Quantum Physics and Environmental Sustainability. With degrees in Business Administration, Finance and Economics, Grant has a diverse professional history including experiences in Entrepreneurship, Business Consulting and Strategy, Web Design, Marketing, Finance and Investing, Sustainability, Health and Nutrition, Politics/ExoPolitics/Conflict Resolution, Philosophy, Networking and Building. Grant has also worked with many non-profits including Habitats for Humanity, Greenacre Homes, Clean Water Sonoma-Marin and the Fluoride Action Network, providing research which led to a recent grass roots lawsuit against the EPA to remove the Neurotoxic Chemical Fluoride from 74% of US drinking water. Grant is passionate about finding efficient ways meet the base needs of all humanity, which will provide a harmonic foundation on which we may all cocreate our highest pursuits.

Arden Leigh

Arden Leigh is the creator and facilitator of The Re-Patterning Project, a course in understanding the human operating system and repatterning trauma imprints and social conditioning in order to achieve creative freedom. Her certifications are in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and TimeLine Therapy.

She is also the creator and frontwoman of indie pop-rock project Arden and the Wolves, as well as the creator and host of web series Peace Talks. She is currently at work on her next book, tentatively titled The Gifted Kid Program For Enlightenment: An Accelerated Study In Human Consciousness For the Creation of Sustainable Patterns.

To learn more, visit therepatterningproject.com.

Benjamin Life

Benjamin Life is a storyteller, artist, and visionary dedicated to walking the beauty way to all beings thriving. He weaves a tapestry of new stories into a holistic vision for mutual thriving that includes metamodern political philosophy, trauma-informed collective shadow work, integral dialogue, and the expansion of consciousness and identity.

He serves as interim circle lead for the Independent National Union’s Governance circle (www.inu.one), is the creative director of Political Rise Magazine (www.politicalrise.one), and is the host of the Political Rise podcast.

Priya Mahtani

Writer, Communications Catalyst & Group Facilitator, Priya supports parents, educators & lifelong learners with dialogue, peer mentoring & experiential learning sessions in groups, to feel empowered about their role in their children’s lives, by deepening connections to themselves, each other and the world. She is the Founder of the School of Sophia, an innovation hub, social enterprise and modern-day sanctuary for parents & educators to connect to their creativity & feel supported by others as they share their gifts for the good of humanity.

Website: https://www.schoolofsophia.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ImagineASchoolWhere

Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin is a multiple Emmy Award-winning composer, performer, public speaker, and music and health innovator who empowers the world to embrace music and sound strategies as catalysts for health,  wellness, and a connection to what matters most. He is dedicated to redefining music’s role in healthcare,  with a particular focus on developing listening tools to support patients, care providers, and families who are facing life transitions at both the beginnings and endings of life. He’s also dedicated to creating peaceful and productive work environments through ambient strategies that generate sonic fields of what he refers to as  “heart-centered mindfulness™.

His globally acclaimed palliative classic, Graceful Passages, co-created with award-winning filmmaker team Michael and Doris Stillwater, has touched nearly a million people worldwide,  offering psycho-spiritual support for patients and caregivers engaged in all phases of the life-threatening illness and end-of-life processes. Also created with Michael, their Care for the Journey caregiver rejuvenation programs have been adopted and experienced by healthcare systems nationwide.

Co-authoring the award-winning Book/CD, Safe in the Arms of Love to strengthen the vital bond between parents and newborns with Lisa Rafel and David Surrenda, Ph.D., he is finishing up the creation of the social impact musical theatre project, Can You Hear Me Baby.

Still scoring film and TV, Gary received a Best Soundtrack Award from the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for the groundbreaking documentary, THRIVE, seen by 90 million people in 27 languages since 2011. He’s just completed scoring the sequel to Thrive, released in the Fall of 2020.

He has presented at places such as Stanford Health, Houston  Methodist, Google, Harvard’s Conference on Spirituality and Health, Scripps Clinic, Arizona Center for Integrative Health, and Kaiser Permanente – and is frequently asked to speak and perform for integrative health, wellness, and life-affirming communities all throughout the worldHe’s been featured numerous times on the national PBS TV series, Healing Quest, and continues to be interviewed on many national talk shows and teleseminars promoting a deeper understanding of the power of music for optimal health.

As the Music Director of the celebrated healthcare ambiance company, Aesthetic Audio Systems, his work is featured on the RejuvenationStations.com multi-sensory resources for healthcare providers’ stress and burnout. His work is also prominently featured on the new mobile app designed to serve healthcare workers on the front lines of care during the pandemic at TimeOut2Thrive.com. For more information, go to  WisdomoftheWorld.com.

Kristen March

Kristen is a mother, healer, coach and activist. Her work focuses on teaching compassionate communication and emotional intelligence. She helps people find what is alive in them and recenter their relationships around trust and deeper connection. Her mission is heal the polarization on our planet, and shift it into heart-centered intelligence. She is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Rita Marsh

Rita Marsh, BSN rtd RN FNP is cofounder of The Center for Human Flourishing aka Davi Nikent located in Carbondale, Colorado. After many years as a nurse in the allopathic world Rita expanded her career becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner and at the same time began exploring the worlds of psychoneuroimmunology and energy medicine. Applying the knowledge and tools from these sciences firmed her belief that health is a mind body spirit journey that evolves through our lifetimes.

Rita and her husband raised their two daughters in Aspen and Carbondale, Colorado. Their choice of living environment immersed them in the natural world – hiking, camping, skiing, cycling, gardening and opened them to the world of the Nuche the original people of the land. Learning from the indigenous continues to be a passion in Rita’s life.

In 2003 Rita joined with a group of local practitioners who dedicated their energies to form a non-profit educational organization dedicated to presenting programs, workshops, seminars, films in integral health. Now located in Third Street Center in Carbondale the organization is fully embracing its mission by assuming the name The Center for Human Flourishing and utilizes the Integral Health model evolved by Dr. Elliott Dacher in his book Integral Health The Path to Human Flourishing.

The original name of the organization Davi Nikent, the Nuche words meaning “Always Light” is held now as the byline. After years of struggling with the roller coaster of weight gain and weight loss Rita adapted a plant based whole foods lifestyle and continues to enjoy robust health and well-being.

The Center for Human Flourishing advocates and supports programs and practitioners that advocate for this lifestyle for personal health and for the health of the planet. The aspects of the Integral Health model are held equally in the programming presented at the center; Biological (nutrition, fitness and self-regulation) Psychospiritual, Interpersonal, Worldly.


Davi Nikent | Facebook

Michael Mationschek

Michael has worked for 15 years as a software consultant, managing and developing enterprise software systems for large corporates and in the super yacht industry. Michael spent two years apprenticing with indigenous healers in South America and has been working as a healer as well for five years with natural medicines. He is passionate about applying systems thinking to create regenerative solutions to help the planet.

He has currently developed a new social networking platform to help implement regenerative solutions. Michael is also working towards implementing blockchain technology as a solution to fund regenerative agroforestry communities as a way forward out of the current system.

He is also currently developing a common law system to help reclaim natural sovereign rights through implementing a new identity framework that we can use in order to not give our power away.

Michael has a keen interest in spirituality, health, and magick. He feels that the solutions for our current societal dilemma lie in bridging the realms of nature, technology, and magick.

Pat Montgomery

Pat Montgomery (born Pat Clancy) was the seventh of eight children born of Irish immigrants in Pittsburgh, PA in 1934. At the age of 13, she began her life in the convent of the Sisters of Divine Providence, a teaching order of religious nuns, and she remained with them until age 25. Her teaching career then switched to public schools.

When they wed, Jim Montgomery and she searched for an alternative school for their two children but found none. So, they started Clonlara in 1967 as a campus school in Ann Arbor, MI.

Today, it has branched out to places all over the world. In addition to its campus school, it is a distance learning center, home education center, and a counseling program for independent alternative schools in numerous countries. (See www.Clonlara.org)

You can purchase Pat Montgomery’s book, The School That’s Inside You, here: https://amzn.to/3ms2eGM

Email: pat@clonlara.org

Glo Moss

Glo Moss (they/them) is a connector and networker on a mission to regenerate the planet. They inspire beings to connect to nature and empower a new awakened vision for whole system transformation of a healed Earth. Their focus is reducing plastic pollution by supporting small businesses making natural, plastic-free local products. They share solutions on how to live a regenerative lifestyle.

Micki O’Brien

@Micki.OBrien.Integral has a vision of a world in which every person is aligned in their education. She believes in an education that supports each person’s unique neurology, passions, strengths, and authentic connection within all of life. She sees education as more of an ecosystem, less of a mechanical factory system like conventional education.

Micki barely survived her high school conventional education experience. She attended college at a Jesuit university, where she dove deep into social and environmental justice, non-violence, disability rights, and decolonization. Then she went on to work on environmental issues and disability rights in Budapest, Hungary, and then to a Master’s Program in Environmental Leadership at Naropa University (a Buddhist-inspired contemplative education institution).

At Naropa Micki was involved in national and international movements of alternative and environmental education. She realized that there already exists effective models for connected, self-empowered education across the globe. She studied with powerful, tuned-in, life-full teachers who supported her in beginning to heal herself, and to grok that there is no “silver-bullet” answer to how to “do” education.

A Naropa mentor introduced Micki to Ken Wilber’s work with Integral Theory, and she immediately began applying it in alternative education settings. This led to her Master’s thesis: An Integral Perspective on Education Systems.

Micki has been meditating daily for 23 years and believes that her inner work is the foundation for a healthy world, especially as it helps to provide a coherent/aligned field for children. She went through Montessori teacher training (and has a whole-being understanding of it), and has worked with the young ones who conventional schools deemed broken. To go deeper into this field, and improve her efficacy, Micki became an Advanced Nurtured Heart Approach® Trainer, and a strengths-based autism expert. Interestingly, she found this put her at odds with the “gold-standard” of autism treatment, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Presently she’s building a Montessori-inspired farm school in Hawai’i called The Sovereign Heartland (.com). On a global level, she’s nurturing and supporting the Integral Education Ecosystem, a network where individuals can find alignment for their own, unique learning.

TEDx Talk @Neuro-Inclusive is the New Normal: http://bit.ly/2TEDxMickiOBrien

Business Name: The Sovereign Heartland & Micki O’Brien, M.A. Website: https://thesovereignheartland.learnworlds.com/pages/micki-obrien

Instagram: @micki.obrien.integral

Facebook: @MickiOBrienUnique & fb.me/TheSovereignHeartland

Twitter: @SovereignSchool

Email: Micki@TheSovereignHeartland.com

Phone: +1-206-486-5089

She-She O’Donnell

She-She is a Life, Love & Relationship Coach and Angel Intuitive with over 20 years of experience.

After a series of synchronistic events where the Universe guided her in 2001, she moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to deepen her intuitive abilities and to share her music. From a young age she always had what felt like gifts from God and just an innate “knowing” and being able to hear angels whispering in her ear the important things that people she loved needed to hear, that helped take away their stress and fear and bring them back into a space of peace, love, and connection with God.

Throughout many courses, workshops, and constant self-practice and study, she learned how to take her natural abilities and focus in with the guidance of high vibrational angels and guides to assist people in moving through their inner obstacles to gain clarity. It is truly a deep joy she feels in being able to assist people in this way. To be able to facilitate divine guidance for people brings her at least as much joy and peace as her thousands of clients from all over the world are also experiencing after their readings or coaching sessions with her.

As a Divine Lifestyle Consultant, she guides clients to design the highest version of their “Divine Life” and offers retreats, workshops, events and a year-long Divine Life Mastery Program to help people connect with their own divinity and to live a fun and heart-centered life free from the effects of fear.



IG angelsheshe

Pratim Patil

Pratim is a student of life and his dream is to create an Open Source Religion which catalogs the multiple paths that lead to more joy and reduced suffering in human life. In 2017, after a failed marriage and dropping out of a top MBA program, this dream went from being merely an intellectual pursuit to a deeper engagement with the spiritual traditions from around the world in mind, body and spirit. This is when he found Tantra, arguably an open source religion from ancient India and its practices infused life into the words that all spiritual traditions have been pointing at. For the first time he lifted his gaze from the map that he was staring at all along and looked at the terrifying yet enchanting terrain. Pratim has lived in consensus based intentional communities for about a decade and is a software engineer by day.

Jaya Phillips

Jaya Phillips is a professional web developer, online marketer, alternative healer & health freedom advocate. For a long time she’s been seeing the censorship and envisioning a new place for us to gather online. Now with covid advanced censorship and tracing, this need is bigger than ever! She has checked out some of the other options and they were all unorganized, overwhelming, unfriendly to BIPOC, and not-user friendly. So finally, IT’S TIME!

In her almost 10 years of working with clients in web design and development, she’s done the research to know all the best software and design practices to make this site beautiful, functional, civil, and a joy to navigate! As a mom, long-time alternative health researcher and practitioner, Jaya has a vested interest in the future of our generations’ health. She’s been passionately sharing her knowledge and awakening people to the issues with our current healthcare system. Jaya has the skills, tools and passion to create this new safe space for us!

Kiril Ravensong

Kiril Ravensong

Angelic Stewardship

HubCast Media

Manager of Cultural Creatives 

Humanity on the cusp of massive transformation. Rare minds aligned to new solutions and modern wisdom. Now is the time to come together, align, cooperate, to best steward Star-ship Earth for future generations. By bringing together new paradigm economics, media, education, technology, and land stewardship, Kiril brings a unique synthesis of disciplines and spiritual practice.

Cynthia Rose

Cynthia Rose has been studying and practicing alternative methods of healing since the spring of 2014, when she experienced a rather… ahem… extreme and instantaneous shift in consciousness. Cynthia’s path toward becoming a Holistic Healing Arts Practitioner began as a result of her persistent efforts to find answers and solutions to the health challenges she had faced her whole life, since being born with a primary immune deficiency. Strange physical symptoms and chronic pain patterns were manifesting one on top of the other, and the complexity of the clinical presentation didn’t match any identifiable cause. When Cynthia realized that Western medicine was not offering her the help she needed to truly heal, she sought the assistance of an Alternative Healthcare Professional, who reminded her that she possessed the power to heal herself. In one sentence, a whole new world of possibility revealed itself to her, when Dr. Bob stated to her, “You mean you USED to have an immune deficiency…” From that moment on, a whole new world of possibility opened up, and she discovered that her path was one of becoming a healing arts practitioner to others.

In the summer of 2014 the world of quantum healing opened itself to her with her first seminar in Matrix Energetics, and from that point on, her deeper work began. Cynthia Rose is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Usui Reiki level 1&2 Practitioner, and Certified Master Teacher of the Navajo Featherway.

Cynthia Rose also has extensive training and experience with Quantum Healing, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies, amongst many other Holistic Modalities. She currently operates her Multi-Modality Holistic Healing Arts Practice from Cynthia Rose Healing Arts Sanctuary, located in Monument, Colorado.

Day Sanchez

Day Sanchez is a school psychologist and emotional intelligence coach dedicated to supporting the optimal cognitive, creative, spiritual, and social-emotional development of neurodiverse and highly intuitive children. She has over a decade of experience working with hundreds of children presenting a wide range of learning, behavior, and social-emotional difficulties.

Day holds a Master’s Degree (M.S.) in Counseling and Human Systems and Education Specialist (Ed.S.) and is also an akashic records consultant. She combines her strong scientific background with her intuitive gifts to guide children in building essential skills to tap into their natural talents and abilities. Her approach draws on social and emotional learning, positive psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Day has an intimate relationship with the energy of grief and a deep connection with Mother Earth. She has used her passion for brain sciences, Buddhist teachings, mindfulness, yoga, and the psychology of optimal experience to alchemize her grief into conscious, inspired, and authentic action that brings her joy. She also shares psycho-education and resources to help children and young adults cultivate resilience amid the unfolding ecological crisis and offers 1:1 support to children and young adults experiencing ecological grief and ecological anxiety.

She is a SENG Model (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Parent Support Group Facilitator and educates families about the climate crisis, giving parents tools to address that conversation with their children. As the founder of 2e Minds, Day is on a mission to inspire children and young visionaries to embody their highest potential, contribute their gifts to the world, and help us accelerate humanity’s evolution.

Day can be found at www.2eminds.com and @2eminds https://www.instagram.com/2eminds/

Ivy Smith (Aunty Ivy)

Aunty Ivy proudly born in Aotearoa New Zealand with cross Cultures of Polynesian, Asian & European lineages. Aunty Ivy’s commitment and dedication through her Eldership, life experiences, Cultural Indigenous knowledge & many certified specialised roles, uniquely strengthens her Global walk & visions.

Her Integral leadership of Truth teaches humanity to heal and strengthen our relationship with Mother Earth, ancestors, each other, and our-self through communion with All Sacred elements, All beings, and spirit!

Her sacred Facial Markings carries a potent message of her advocacy for Humanity to wake up, to work together, restore and reclaim to take action of our Future and for all the children & grandchildren.

Rajiv Sankarlall

Raj Sankarlall has a background in art and business. Raj began traveling the world to more fully experience life while gaining a better understanding of himself. He deeply values what he learned over his travels in addition to the “rolodex” of people he has met. He now specializes in Marketing & Media. His work allows people to transform their vision for themselves, their company, or their dream for life from concept to real world application and build a brand around that!

Raj currently takes up Advisory roles for brands looking to take their vision to the next level or create custom media packages, anywhere from photography to product manufacturing. On The Other Side of the Coin, spirituality is consistently interwoven in all Raj pursues. Through his travels he sought a deeper understanding of self through meditation which was amplified living among the monks of Thailand and Tibet as well as other spiritual leaders from around the globe. He recently worked with the United Nations on Spirituality in the Modern World.

Spirit Thomas-Russell

Spirit Thomas-Russell is CEO and Founder of GODS & GODDESSES. She has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for over a decade. Spirit is also a Reiki Master, Transformational Speaker and Spiritual Coach for Individuals and Relationships. Spirit also had a career in Retail Management in New York City, The Fashion Capital and also in New Jersey. She is also a Vegan. Spirit believes that the way to World Peace is by living life using the Holistic approach. Giving people the tools they need and can use day-to-day that can heal individuals, the home and with the Domino Effect leading to World Peace.

Spirit is not just a teacher of this way of life, she is a student. The Journey never ends. We are Forever Evolving. From humble beginnings in Brooklyn New York, growing up with social injustice all around her, feeling she had no control over her life and just part of this system with no real voice. Life changed for Spirit June of 2002. At this point she was a housewife of 2 sons, 2 years old and 5 months. She looked at them while hearing the words of a song “Think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere.” By one of her favorite artists Erykah Badu.

Thinking of some of the wrong turns she made during her life. She said to herself what can she do to help her family not be part of this system that affects so drastically people of color. The answer she received was to work on herself. That’s when the journey started. She had to step out her comfort zone, break traditions, culture norms , stereotypes and learn new ways of thinking and life skills which changed her life drastically and allowed her to be CO- Creator of her life and take charge of it.

Spirit is dedicated to Empower others to be CO -Creators of their lives and live the life they dream using the holistic approach. They speak of this in the medical field but most are not following it or using it correctly. When used correctly you will be Truly Liberated. This doesn’t just affect the individual. When done properly affects the family, future generations and Humanity as a Whole. “If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”


Audrey Addison Williams

US Presidential Candidate Audrey Addison Williams is a woman of deep faith, fierce ambition, and is fueled by the pursuit of a better tomorrow. She believes that it is due time for us to turn the current political system upside-down and actively speaks in favor of the Independent National Convention which will catalyze grassroots movements to abolish the two party system our country has currently submitted to. Her platform is one that promises a “healed nation and a forgiven world”. In her 2016 candidacy she shared: “A major and radical re-adjustment is now underway bringing humanity back into balance. We have heard and are honoring the cries of Mother Earth to “STOP” the willful and reckless destruction of the Planet and Eco- System. Restoration, healing, forgiveness and radical action is now being taken by millions of Awakened Souls who are here on this Planet to facilitate the shift.” Audrey is truly on fire with her Divine pursuits of creatively combatting the challenges of Declaring revolutionary Independence. In addition to her Presidential Candidacy, Audrey is the Founder and President of One World Rising, a community who celebrates diversity by supporting emerging young adult leaders in Africa through linking business enterprises, offering investment capital and coaching.

Bud Wilson

Bud has 40 years of experience as a social and environmental entrepreneur, leadership trainer, educator, business, non-profit and community leader. After graduating from Harvard University he spent 10 years as Director of Conferences for Snowmass Village in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He supported programs and presentations by Margaret Mead, R. Buckminster Fuller, Jean Houston, George Leonard, Swami Muktananda, among many others. He is a Qi Gong instructor, awareness trainer, writer, documentary producer, and Wilderness Guide.

For more than 2 decades Bud studied and apprenticed with John P. Milton’s Sacred Passage and The Way of Nature programs, ultimately serving as the Global Director of Eco-Regional Leadership. During this time, he was the coordinator for the first World Nature Quest, engaging 35 groups in 17 countries and 5 continents.

As the Founder and Director of Deep Nature Journeys, he has created an experiential nature-based program designed to quiet the mind and open the heart to enhance creativity, leadership capacity, compassion, and community engagement. He leads awareness training adventures in pristine wilderness settings throughout the southwestern United States. His goal is to help participants experience an awakening of their full potential, reduce stress, improve the quality of their relationships, enhance their effectiveness in life and increase their reverence for the natural world.


Zoey Wind

Zoey Wind is an Astrologer, ceremonialist and teacher of the mystical arts who has shared Celestial Ceremony at Sacred sites around the world and at communities like The Omega Institute. She is passionate about marrying the inspiration of the stars with the wisdom traditions of the Earth to aid in the Great Awakening taking place on the planet at this time. Monday December 14th- Sagittarius New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse- “Our-Story and Reculturation as Children of Earth” Monday December 21st- December Equinox and the Grand Conjunction “The New Earth and the Rainbow Bridge- Being the Torchbearers of the New Renaissance”

Danette Wolpert

Danette Wolpert, Illuminate Executive Director

Danette Wolpert is the Founder and Executive Director of the ILLUMINATE Film Festival. Prior to founding ILLUMINATE, Danette spent 10 years in film production, programming and festival management. She most recently spent 5 years as Associate Director of the Miami International Film Festival. She served as the Director of the Washington DC-based Screening Room and in management and/or programming roles for both the Washington and Sedona Jewish Film Festivals. Before festival life, Danette was a Senior Management Consultant for Ernst & Young where she provided financial, management and technology solutions for Fortune 500 clients. Danette is the recipient of the National Association for Women Business Owners 2016 Visionary Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence.

Personal Statement

ILLUMINATE found me. Just as “the one” falls into one’s life and screams “this is it”, so did this love of my life. More than a film festival, ILLUMINATE is the vehicle by which I have chosen to make my contribution to the planet. I humbly watch as the genuine, the talented, the seeking, and the conscious are inextricably called to this venture and compelled to join me in expanding consciousness through cinema. I spent many years in professional training for this project – in organizational management, film production and film festivals -but the true preparation was done in the deep soul-searching, powerful releasing, and enlightened recentering. My experience, passion, love of film, and year-long Eat-Pray-Find-Myself tour ushered me into a new space and a new career, where your awakening is my every joy. I invite the world to join us, and be illuminated.

Kenzie Swenson-Thole

Kenzie is an 18-year-old youth activist who has a passion for social justice, environmental justice, trauma support, and cultural healing, especially around healing sexual trauma. At age 16 she founded a “Me3 movement” in her high school, with the vision of evolving the #MeToo conversation past punitive justice and blame, to foster real understanding for everyone involved.

Kenzie has been raised in a diverse family, living in a multi-generational village-like family-web that is firmly rooted in the queer community, and as such she inherently brings a diverse perspective to conversations around sexuality and gender. She is also the younger sister of one of the founders of the Light Dark Institute and has been deeply mentored around themes of shadow work, psychology, power dynamics, and non-dual spirituality. Kenzie is passionate about activism and empowered to make change, while also holding compassion for all, trying to going beyond the traditional “us vs. them” narrative.

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