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Do you want to learn about new ways to enrich your body, heart, and soul? Earth Walk is always publishing innovative content to help you continue your journey towards peace and unity. Our posts will also help you stay up to date on the latest Earth Walk events, partner offerings, global peace programs, and much more!

About Us

Earth Walk serves as a Global Platform to unite individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, religious communities, ethnic groups and governments across the planet, through live events and community building activities, on-line webcasts and forums, training systems and programs, and sustainable practices.

Earth Walk creates a forum where we come together as one people and one planet, to celebrate our individual passions, the dedicated pride of our communities, and the beauty of our planet.


Earth Walk has a wide variety of programs to help you get involved and become part of our journey towards uniting humanity within a diverse global culture of peace.


Our Whole Person Events team is always working to put together incredible events where you can learn and grow in ways you never imagined. Be sure to check out our past events to learn what we have to offer!


Earth Walk depends on contributions from generous people like you to keep our vision alive. Thank you for your support!

Get Involved

Whether you want to volunteer to contribute to a peace moment on our Facebook page, attend one of our weekend events, or commit to a lifetime membership in Earth Walk’s incredible Tribe 333 program, there are so many amazing ways that you can get involved with our organization and vision. We can’t wait to have you join us!

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At Earth Walk, our mission and vision is to ignite our souls’ purpose on this planet and align it to a co-creative process with the Earth and all its creatures so we can radically and holistically transform the Earth into a world that comes alive.

Are you ready to ignite your passions & transform the world?

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